What I want for my 49th birthday

So I've been celebrating turning 49 for at least a week and I don't want it to stop. In fact, I think I'll just go all year in anticipation of a SUPER BIG celebration next year when I turn 50!!

Yes 50!!! WOW!!! When did THAT happen?!?!?! Well it hasn't yet, but it's coming God willing! And I am going to PARTY!!!! But perhaps not how you might think...

Sure I'd love to have a huge celebration with family and friends, but on my wish list of things I'd most want to receive is another experience like Haiti again... there is nothing else that comes close to feeding my soul to the depths...

You see, going to Haiti puts ALL of life into perspective... and as I'm aging, I'm finding real clarity in what I want to do with my life and how I wish to spend my time, my energy, my strengths and talents, and my money. 

And high up on that list is continuing to help these precious children and the entire community in Haiti by continuing to build their school and bring water and food and healthcare and ART to them!!

I've got some ideas for this next year and I CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Meanwhile, know that my birthday plans involve YOU!!! Because together we can change our world.

Short Haiti Story - "The Tarantula"

We are home from another trip to Haiti building a school there for some of the neediest people in our world. I have so many stories and photos to share so I'm going to break them into "short stories" from Haiti over the next several weeks. Enjoy!!!

"The Tarantula"

Last year in Haiti we worked with a group of construction workers at the school who didn't speak our language which made it difficult for us to connect. It wasn't until the end of our trip last year when they challenged us to a soccer game that we finally felt we made inroads into relationships with them... and then we left.

Well this year, many of the same construction workers were there and we recognized each other and right from the get-go, there was a much warmer reception! So the very first day we were working, I had tried to speak some Creole with a few of them while working and was moving a pile of rocks (there were a TON of rocks to move!!!) when we uncovered a TARANTULA!!!

A big hairy live tarantula!!!

Well despite being terrified of ANY spider-type creature, the photographer in me jumped immediately into action as I ran to grab my camera and returned to take a photo of this super creepy specimen!! So as with all photos of creepy things, I started further off capturing photos and then slowly moved closer as I felt safe to do so. So I was getting in nice and close when one of the construction workers reached in, grabbed the tarantula and


What happened next is quite the blur, but I remember leaping in the opposite direction to where I thought the tarantula landed and have been told there was some screaming involved and I apparently hit the construction worker a few times!!! Oh and all the while I was desperately reminding myself to NOT DROP MY CAMERA as I jumped on top of loose rocks especially as I had NOT taken the time to put the strap around my neck.

And you know what??? 

This was the highlight of my day and one of the best moments of my trip this year!!!

You see, it was such a sure sign to me that the local Haitian construction workers welcomed us foreigners with open arms... what you need to understand is Haitians are used to being exploited by foreigners and strangers... they don't trust easily... they don't understand why "rich white people" would come to their country to work and pay to do it!! But because we had come last year and returned to do it again this year, they trust that we really do care... and they trusted us enough to have some fun and throw a tarantula at us (or me... but I like to think of it as "taking one for the team").

And that incident set the tone for the rest of the week... their acceptance of us was evident and it was pure joy to work along-side these men who work so very hard building this school for this community (part of our trip expenses goes towards paying their wages to work on the project with us). 

And for those wondering, the construction worker insured that we would be safe from the tarantula. After analyzing it (check out this photo of the underside of a tarantula!!!), he safely removed it far away from our construction site (ok he smashed it a couple times with his shovel and then drop-kicked it down the mountain!!). And for those of you on Facebook who were more worried about the tarantula than me... sorry to say he did NOT survive... (but I did :)

Stay tuned for more stories!!!!

So much HOPE!!

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face because I am just so full of HOPE right now.

HOPE is something that I don't always feel… I watch the news and lose hope. I see so many of my friends suffering struggling and I lose hope. I see disease taking away loved ones and I lose hope. I walk into my laundry room and see mountains of clothing and lose hope (yup some days it is sadly just that simple).

But this week I am full of HOPE.

Live Different is the organization that I use to go to Mexico, Dominican and Haiti to build with and help change lives. I love them. They are Canadian. They are determined to help meet the most basic needs of some of the neediest in our world. WestJet is one of their biggest sponsors and this week a video has been flying around the internet… WestJet's "Blue Santa" went to the Dominican to the same community I was there building with and I recognize so many of the children!!!

And WestJet has definitely built a LOT of homes in this community and now a playground I plan on playing on in February when I go back to visit… but I need to give a special call-out to Live Different and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping those in our world struggling to even have the basics in life… they along with companies like WestJet give me hope.

So I am heading back to Haiti in February (we fly into Dominican so that is why we get to visit the above community again). And because I am NOT a large organization like WestJet, my "offerings" are smaller, but having been there and seen first hand, I fully understand the difference even $1 makes…. sadly it is shocking… but seeing how many are willing to get involved gives me hope :)

There are 3 ways you can help me "multiply my offerings"…

1. My good friend Jennifer Reynard (who has a heart of gold), is hosting one of her infamous crops here in Calgary and donating the proceeds to the trip in February where we will continue to help build a school there. This fills me with hope as this crop fills up. There are limited spots available so register ASAP if you would like to join us Jan. 24.

2. I am also doing an ONLINE AUCTION of mostly scrapbooking and crafting items, but also a few other goodies thrown in!! It started this past week and will pretty much run until it is either all gone or the Jan. 24 crop… whichever comes first!! 100% of all proceeds will go towards the Haiti trip and school so build generously and please SHARE!!!  It is on Facebook HERE.

3. If you would just like to donate money, you can do that too!!! Anything over $20 is tax receiptable and the link to do that is HERE.

And one more thing that just put a smile on my face this week and HOPE in my heart… I photographed a special lady… she wants to give her children the gift of a legacy portrait this Christmas… her and her husband have been married over 55 years… she understands that one day these photos will be precious… we had so much fun!! We added eyelashes and lip gloss and dressed her up in beautiful lace and sparkly jewels and we talked for hours about everything from marriage and how she met her husband to her favourite perogy recipe and fashion. I know her children will see the beauty of this portrait and now I just pray that she will also see it as she is truly a beautiful lady inside and out.

In case it isn't already obvious… I love what I do.

And because my heart for photography and helping others go hand in hand, I have another way you can help support the school in Haiti… 100% of proceeds from my photography this Christmas is going towards the funds for this trip AND I created a Christmas Special...

So with the purchase of a Deluxe Photo Session ($175), you receive a BONUS GIFT worth over $175 ($350+ value for only $175). And it all goes towards the Haiti school building trip in February. But HURRY as there are only 5 left!!!

Oh my and ONE more way to help with Haiti… I am now a Mary Kay consultant and am also donating all my proceeds towards the trip from now until I leave in February so if you would like a catalogue or would like to put in an order, please let me know!!

Killing Creativity

So as my teenaged kids are exploring assorted options for their future lives (especially Justin who is graduating this year), so I am re-visiting what I know to be true in life in attempts to help them make some important decisions on their journey… and I came across one of my favourite TED talks ever!!! I had seen this years ago, but it is worth rewatching (over and over again).

AND… it just so happens to also reinforce why I am so passionate about helping the school in Haiti build an ART CLASSROOM!!!  "ART" encompasses actual art, but also music, dance and all things creative… which we know to be vital to for so many children, but so poorly understood or encouraged. Anyways, I love one of his final quotes in his talk...

"We need to see our children for the HOPE that they are… our task is to educate the WHOLE being so they can face the future and make something of it."

So despite our world screaming that academics, education, money and status is what "success" looks like, I'm trying to be the voice in the wilderness proclaiming something different… and the most critical piece of advice is an ancient piece of wisdom and truth… spoken by a really wise man centuries ago who knows even more about the future than Ken Robinson… Jesus said...

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart,
and with all your soul,
and with all your strength,
and with all your mind;
and love your neighbour as yourself.
Do this and you will live."
Luke 10:27-28

So what do I REALLY want for my children on this earth? 

1. I want them to love God with all their heart.
2. I want them to love themselves.
3. I want them to love others with as much passion.
4. I want them to find joy in a life of service to God and themselves and others.

And so with that base firmly established, now the task is to discern how this will play out in the specifics of what they choose to do! Justin is graduating and Lindsey is in Grade 11 so some HUGE decisions are being made over the next short while!! 

Both have strong academics (especially in the maths and sciences… clearly not MY genetics!), but both also have strong creative sides (I will lay claim to these genetics however) and strong athletic interests (from both Brad and I)!! So they could each go in so very many different directions!! But I'm excited to see where they end up and the last thing I want to do is kill their creativity in any way!!

And speaking of creativity, I have some other exciting news!!! I found a NEW creative passion!!! Well, it's not a passion yet, but I sense it will become one!!! More later on that, but meanwhile here is a hint!!!

NEW Photography Class!! Join me this Saturday!!

So if you've ever been intimidated by your camera, THIS is the class for you!!!

It is a new class that is based on the concept that we learn BEST through PLAY!!  And so I have a bag of "tricks and toys" that we will use to learn how to move off auto mode and into a little bit of creative play with our photos!!

At this point, this Saturday is the only scheduled class, but if you can't make it and there is enough interest, I will consider teaching it again :)

Meanwhile, click HERE to register for Saturday!!!  I would  LOVE to play with you!!

And while you are there, you may as well join us at the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival!!!  There is shopping and creating and sooooo much fun to be had with our Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine team and readers!!!!  Wooooo hoooooo!!!!
CS14 - cover

September 26-27, 2014
Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Admission Tickets:
2 Day Adult Pass:  $18
1 Day Adult Pass:  $12
2 Day Senior/Student Pass:  $15
1 Day Senior/Student Pass:  $10
Children 6yrs – 12yrs:  $2
(under 6 no charge)
FREE Shuttle from Somerset-Bridlewood Station

Announcing: Hope For Haiti Project!!

Okay so THIS has been on my heart since standing in Haiti at the school after helping to finish the 5th classroom and talking about the vast needs still to be met for these precious children…

As we stood looking across the rugged property of this school built on the side of the mountain, they mentioned that one day they hoped for an outdoor Art Room to be built on the rooftop overlooking the city of Cap Haitien below.

I smiled as I could so easily envision the students creating beautiful art and music in such an inspiring space… perhaps for just a small part of their day while at school, they could forget the difficult conditions that come with living in the slums at the base of the mountain.

I got to spend part of the day with the family of one of the students and help them cook a meal and clean their home… this is the mom in her kitchen (I vowed I would never again complain about anything in my own home!)

What really hit me is it takes so little to do so much for their lives in Haiti… and I'm not just talking money (although that helps too!).  I will never forget the look on this little girl's face as I indicated that I wanted to pick her up… it was like she won the lottery that I chose her to hold in that moment…

Anyways, back to the Art Room… I informed Frantzo, one of the many who has dedicated his life to helping those in need in both Haiti and Dominican, that I would see if all my Canadian artist friends back in Canada would be willing to help make this dream a reality. BTW… Canadians are mostly the ones who have helped build the school from the start so they LOVE us!!!

Once home, I emailed Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine whom I have worked with for almost 10 years to see if they wanted to join forces and within minutes I received a resounding YES!!! So we are partnering with Live Different who hosts trips to Haiti (and other locations to do humanitarian work).

And we are now calling on all our readers and all artists from across Canada to participate in this project!!

There are 3 ways you can participate!

1. Hope for Haiti Flags: for donations $35+ if you would like, we will send you a blank canvas flag that you can decorate and send back to us. We will then join them all together to create a beautiful banner for the new Art Room in Haiti!

2. Hope for Haiti Events: Host an art day, hold a garage sale or dinner or come up with another creative way to raise funds! Be sure to take a picture at your event and send it to us so we can share it with others! Every dollar and every gesture is precious to us!

3. Hope for Haiti Donations: We have set up a link where you can donate directly to the building of the Art Room!

Thank you in advance for your support and we invite you to watch closely how artists from across Canada can come together to make a difference in the lives of these deserving children in Haiti… what a beautiful picture of artists in Canada helping to bring art and hope and support to so many in Haiti.

Finally sharing

Ok… finally time to open up my gut and share about my trip to Haiti…

I wrote the below the week I returned (I was supposed to share in church, but had lost my voice)…

Every time I visit a new country, it seems I leave a little bit of my heart there.
This time, I left a huge chunk of my heart in Haiti.
I'm not exactly sure why… I've been processing to figure it out.

Maybe it was the blatant poverty that is apparent as soon as you cross the border into Haiti.

Maybe it was the sea of yellow ribbons on all the students I finally got to meet in real life after watching so many videos of them from my comfortable home in Canada. Those kids were almost like celebrities in my mind!

But I do know that God pretty clearly showed me how my teacher's heart, my passion for photography and my involvement in the art industry could all come together to help some of the most needy I've ever seen.

On the final day in Haiti, the school had a farewell party for us… this is something they only do a few times each year as there are sadly not a lot of Live Different groups that go to Haiti… it is expensive and far more physically demanding than other trips.

As we arrived to the party, the Christian principal and teachers led the students in singing "How Great Thou Art" in English for us… it took everything in me to not go into ugly cry while listening and knowing how harsh their lives really are living in the slums of Haiti.

Following a bit of a presentation (they LOVE Canadians by the way!), we were given the opportunity to serve the children a huge plateful of rice, beans and a small piece of chicken.  As each child ate, I walked around taking a good look (and some photos) of each and every student… saying a silent prayer for each one that God would somehow help them meet their daily needs of shelter, clothing, food and yes, even education.

I will never forget those beautiful children, their smiles and their hugs… nor do I want to. So now I'm figuring out what is my "do something" that I can still do for this vast need in Haiti.

So since writing the above, I have processed even more and am excited to say I have come up with some ways to further to help this school in Haiti as they struggle to continue building their school (we helped build the 5th classroom while there) and offer education to more and more needy students!!! So be sure to watch for the details for that and see how YOU can also get involved :)

Meanwhile, here is a short video of our trip to both Dominican to build a home and Haiti to build the school.  While watching, I challenge YOU to think about… "What is YOUR do-something"???

Going to Haiti!!!!

It's finally arrived!!!  

We leave this week for our trip to Haiti and Dominican to help build a school in Haiti and a home for a deserving family in the Dominican and we were just introduced to the family!!!!

This family of four consists of husband and wife, Jose (33) and Juanemilia (21), and their two children, Luis (3) and Wisnalyn (6 months). Jose has been living in the community for 25 years, and his wife recently relocated there 2 years ago. Jose works at a local car wash, and Juanemilia, who was only able to complete elementary school, stays home to care for the two young children. They are excited to be receiving a new home, as the one they are living in currently is unsafe, with mold problems, and rain that comes through the walls and roof.

Check out the baby girl and little boy!!!!  Better go empty my camera memory card cuz I've got a feeling it will be FULL of these two by the end!!!

Then we get to go help build this school in Haiti… 
it's up on a mountain… 
I should have worked out more to prepare!!!

I have to say this whole trip has somewhat snuck up on me!!!  Even though I've done a fairly good job of planning ahead and started gathering things for the trip months ago, I'm still finding myself suddenly frantically packing and creating last minute shopping and "to-do" lists!!  

I blame it on this past long weekend… it took away my Monday and I was counting on that day!!  But it was sooo worth it!!!  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE watching my kids play soccer and I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking photos of the action (outdoors especially)…

Justin is in his last year of "regular" soccer and will need to play on a men's team next year if he wishes to continue (ACK!!!  My baby boy is growing up!!!!) so I'm desperate to not only watch every one of his final games, but to capture the memories as well in photos… 
it's a happy sad sort of thing… 
I envision myself scrapbooking after my kids have left home and laughing and crying as I relive it all.  But I'm going to stop now, because if I continue with this line of thought, I will end up in tears as I type!

Back to Haiti… I cannot wait.
I cannot wait to experience again the deep inner joy of making a difference in our world.
I cannot wait to experience it with so many close family and friends.
I cannot wait to capture images that will forever preserve it all.
And I cannot wait to come back and share with you all I learn and see and do.

What Moms REALLY want...

Mother's Day is this weekend...

I'm the first to admit that I love and eat chocolate and thoroughly enjoy beautiful flowers… but if you asked me what I REALLY want for Mother's Day, those things would be so far down the list (in fact I really DON'T want them on "expected days")!!

So when my son asked me awhile ago what I'd like as a gift "that wasn't too expensive" as he doesn't have a lot of money right now… I knew immediately…

"There is nothing I want more right now than a beautiful photo of me and you".

"I think I can do that", he replied.  "I'm beginning to see why they are important".

You'd think as a photographer I'd have thousands of me and my kids… but I don't.  I'm usually the one behind the camera so I have to be more intentional with this.

And when I think about what if something happened to them or to me, I fear I don't have enough photos!!!

Yup, even my son is starting to recognize that life as we know it today won't be the same as tomorrow and isn't what it was yesterday… 
we grow, we change, and sadly…

we lose loved ones sometimes unexpectedly… far before "their time"…

like the 5 university students here in Calgary recently…
like the niece my friend lost this week...

and suddenly photos are immensely meaningful, and precious, and coveted. 

And so that is what I as a Mom REALLY want for Mother's Day this year… some beautiful photos of me with my kids.

And I'm guessing many other moms out there would say the very same thing and so I have a special gift offer to give you what I want for myself… buy it for yourself or for your mom or a new mom or show it to someone who will buy it for you!!! 

And I've committed to giving 25% of the certificates bought towards helping moms and kids and families in Haiti when I go in 3 weeks…  what could be more special this Mother's Day?!?!?!

Oh and meanwhile go hug your loved ones and let them know you love them.

Mixed Media for Photography?!?!?!

So suffice it to say… I am just having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!

Not only am I LOVE LOVE LOVING playing in my new studio with beautiful everyday women (like Carlyn seen above who is expecting her first baby soon!!)… but I am also LOVING learning and playing with computer editing on my portraits!!!

As an artist who has been active in the scrapbooking world for decades and a photographer for even longer, it pleases me to no end to be able to create art with my photography!!!  Starting with beautiful props, gorgeous fabrics and a plethora of flowers and creative photo sessions with hair and makeup perfect for portraits and posing women just right to look their best and editing with artistic filters and colours and effects on the computer and finally presentation of professionally printed images in a beautiful frame or folio box.

And it IS ALL ART!!!  

In the crafting world, we call combining artistic methods "Mixed Media" (and may I just say that my soul sista Christy Riopel is the Queen of Mixed Media?!?!?!  Check out this piece she did recently… I am in love… and she's going to help me do my own art canvas for my home!!!  Be sure to watch for that reveal!!!)

Anyways, I'm not sure what the equivalent of "Mixed Media" would be in the world of photography, but I am having fun exploring it and pushing the boundaries… 
all while helping everyday women get to experience something fun where they get to look and feel gorgeous and have a beautiful artistic portrait of themselves that they can be proud of…

Like Sammi (below) who bravely shaved her head for a friend going through cancer…
who is graduating this year…
and deserves to have a beautiful portrait in her stunning grad dress.

Calgary GRAD Portraits

It seems like the entire year of Grade 12 is dedicated to graduating!!!

In between studying and making sure you actually pass and get into the college or university you would like, it is also a fun time of... 
finding a dress
choosing a hairstyle
 securing a limo...

but please don't forget about the PORTRAITS… especially those beyond the typical cap and gown!!  

After all, portraits preserve the memories of this wonderful milestone in life so be sure to save some time and money to invest in this extra fun part of graduation that will truly last a lifetime :)

And gathering a group of friends makes it extra special!!

I have a NEW GRAD PACKAGE ready to go for 2014 GRADS so be sure to contact me soon if you are interested.  I want to capture the true YOU!!!

Brazil… my own personal Soap Opera

I admit that back in my college days, I watched Days of Our Lives… it wasn't my fault though.

My roommate and I had one of the only TVs in the dorm and after lunch, all the girls would gather on our waterbed (yes, this was the 80s) and watch Days of Our Lives.  Despite my initial mocking of this ritual, I found myself gradually enthralled in a few story lines (ok… anything with Bo Brady) and before I knew it, I was fully hooked and joined in watching the ups and downs, tears and rejoicing and crazy plot twists!!

So what does this have to do with my recent trip to Brazil??  Well, the weeks leading up to leaving and the actual trip had a somewhat "Soap Opera" feel for me… ups and downs and crazy plot twists… and lots of tears!!  Let me explain…

I've sponsored children in Brazil for many years… and I've met each one of my "children".  That alone has ups and downs because 2 of them I currently have no idea where they are now… each time I go to Brazil, I pray I find them or see them, but to date, I have never heard again from Alexandre or Carina :(

Then two years ago while in Brazil, our family chose to sponsor Taira Patrick Machado Rodrigues…

It was easy to love Patrick (he preferred we call him this as we struggled to pronounce his first name!)  He was a soccer player on his way to possibly play for a professional team (he spent hours playing soccer with Justin and Lindsey)

And he was always full of joy and happiness and fun… and he spoke fairly good English which really helped!!  And when we returned to Canada, we continued to talk on Skype and Facebook and he slipped into my heart like he was one of my own children. 

So I had been anxiously waiting for 2 years to return to Brazil to see Patrick and all the other kids at Chain of Love. Patrick's birthday was Feb. 6 (he turned 18) and I was so excited as I was arriving the next week on Feb. 14 and had both Christmas and Birthday gifts ready to deliver along with two years of missed hugs.  We talked online the morning of his birthday and I thought all was well...

But I was devastated later that day to learn that he left Chain of Love that afternoon.

  And all the worries and thoughts about not ever seeing him again flooded my heart… my friends consoled me as best they could, but I was so very sad and desperately prayed that I would still get to see him.  And thankfully I did… and it was wonderful.  I heard that he had moved in with a brother I had never met.  Well, let me introduce you to Bruno…

Here's where the classic Soap Opera twist comes in… a few months ago, this guy Bruno came looking for Patrick at Chain of Love and introduced himself as his biological older brother.  They had no idea each other existed… and to meet Bruno was like seeing double!!!  They are freakishly similar in so many ways!!!  And along with Bruno, came an extended family that is now part of Patrick's life outside of Chain of Love. 

It was soooo sweet as we jumped on a bus and he took me on a whirlwind trip to meet his grandparents (who he and Bruno currently live with), his biological father, his uncle and cousins.  I got to see Patrick several times over the week and would have loved more time with him, but I'm just thankful for what we did have together.

He still calls me "Mommy" and I love that, but I feel so much better knowing he has real family now in Brazil who also care about him. I still worry about him… he is trying to finish school this year, but it is difficult for him and education just doesn't hold the same importance there sadly.  But I pray each day for him and just trust that God has a wonderful plan for his life… and I have to just love him from a distance again… and it's so very hard, but it's all so very good.

SCENE 2 from my Brazilian Soap Opera:  

So before leaving for Brazil when I was being consoled by my soul sista Christy about Patrick leaving Chain of Love, she said to me, 

"Maybe God is just making room in your heart for the next child"

And I didn't want to consider it because I was hurting so bad… 
But then while doing a photo shoot (we also sponsor this beautiful girl named Jana… I had sooo much fun doing portraits with her!!!  She is such a special and talented girl… she's artistic too!!)

So while taking portraits, along came the sweetest boy I think I have ever met.  He said to me, "Excuse me, but would it be possible for you to also take a photo of my sister?  She is shy and does not think she is beautiful, but I think she is very beautiful."  
And my heart melted.  
Meet Matheus and his sister Yasmin…

And now I sponsor Matheus (who likes to be called Mat because it sounds more Canadian)… his birthday is the day before mine and he will turn 16 in March.  And we talk every day (his English is excellent) and he is quickly slipping into my heart… you were right Christy.  Patrick is still very much in my heart and always will be, but there is always room for more… God gives us infinite space for love… and for that I am thankful.

So my Brazilian Soap Opera still continues… it has ups and downs and plot twists and changing characters… but it is mine and it adds so very much to my life and I can NOT WAIT to see what all happens next!!!

And the WINNER IS...

And the WINNER IS...

The Children in Haiti!!!!!

This past weekend we did our Crop For Haiti scrapbooking and crafting event and it just always makes me giddy that that we can have THAT MUCH FUN and raise THAT MUCH MONEY that is going to change THAT MANY LIVES!!!!

So our total raised was (insert drum roll here)...


During the event, I had a "moment"... 
I looked across the room at all the women laughing, crafting, eating and chatting away...
and I just had such a heart full of gratitude (my word of the year)...
I am still in awe how a few posts on facebook and my blog results in this event each year...
with the absolute BEST women ever!!!!!
And the best instructors EVER (seriously talented ones that give so generously of their heart, soul and creative giftedness without hesitation)...
and the best team of helpers (who take control of everything non-crafty for me!!)
and a church that enables all of it...
and an organization Live Different who is changing our world!!!!

We don't yet know exactly how much building the school in Haiti is going to cost or how much building a home in Dominican will be... but it is ALL GOOD!!!  I will keep you posted once I know, but in the meantime...

My heartfelt THANK YOU to those who joined in.  
I have no more words... just gratitude for you.