Crop For Haiti - Calgary results!!

Before I even begin, I need to say a


to everyone who made this event a success...

My team (Jennifer Reynard, Brenda Bedard, Marlene McCook) who so willingly jumped in to help out in so very many ways (and especially in the kitchen which is NOT my forte!). Michelle King, Heather Rambow and Jennifer Reynard for designing and teaching, and ALL my volunteers that helped out during the day including the "carriers", my hubby, sister-in-law Cindy and 84 year old parents!! And to all who donated Raffle Prizes, items for the Spin to Win, food and more!! And then of course, all our 54 attendees!!!

Our motto for the Hope for Haiti project to raise $20,000 for the school in Haiti with Creative Scrapbooker magazine and Live Different is

"Together we can do this!"

Although there are still some final receipts, etc. trickling in, TOGETHER we were able to raise


We spoke with Live Different this week and found out there are some immediate needs at the school they are currently working on (finishing the kitchen, obtaining a water supply, etc.) that might be part of the building project in July when Brad and I are planning to go (we also might start the art room too!!). So we will donate the majority ($4000) from our crop specifically to the Art Room fund and will reserve the remainder ($1779) for the immediate needs and building projects at the school during our trip in July (hopefully including some more ART supplies to teach ART again while there!!).

They also sent me a couple photos showing an update on the school and it was so very exciting to see and hear about some amazing progress since I was there last year... 

On top of the roof of the first classroom (on the front left of the photo) is where the new "Art room/open area classroom" will eventually be built. The unfinished building on the right of the photo is the new kitchen/feeding area where they plan on feeding the children at least one meal each day so that they are better prepared to learn :)

This is the view of the school from behind over looking the ocean and the city of Cap Haitien below. As you can see, there is still a LOT of work to be done, but such progress is so great to see!!

And one of my favourite photos of Cole who works for Live Different and lives in Haiti... sitting inside one of the finished classrooms surrounded by the students captivated by something on his computer :)

And finally, I leave you with a shorter version of the video we showed at the crop...

Again, from the bottom of my heart and overflowing out my eyes...

Thank you.

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Jennifer Reynard said...

Awesome Allison! How exciting to move forward and well done on the wonderful CRop!!! :)