So much HOPE!!

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face because I am just so full of HOPE right now.

HOPE is something that I don't always feel… I watch the news and lose hope. I see so many of my friends suffering struggling and I lose hope. I see disease taking away loved ones and I lose hope. I walk into my laundry room and see mountains of clothing and lose hope (yup some days it is sadly just that simple).

But this week I am full of HOPE.

Live Different is the organization that I use to go to Mexico, Dominican and Haiti to build with and help change lives. I love them. They are Canadian. They are determined to help meet the most basic needs of some of the neediest in our world. WestJet is one of their biggest sponsors and this week a video has been flying around the internet… WestJet's "Blue Santa" went to the Dominican to the same community I was there building with and I recognize so many of the children!!!

And WestJet has definitely built a LOT of homes in this community and now a playground I plan on playing on in February when I go back to visit… but I need to give a special call-out to Live Different and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping those in our world struggling to even have the basics in life… they along with companies like WestJet give me hope.

So I am heading back to Haiti in February (we fly into Dominican so that is why we get to visit the above community again). And because I am NOT a large organization like WestJet, my "offerings" are smaller, but having been there and seen first hand, I fully understand the difference even $1 makes…. sadly it is shocking… but seeing how many are willing to get involved gives me hope :)

There are 3 ways you can help me "multiply my offerings"…

1. My good friend Jennifer Reynard (who has a heart of gold), is hosting one of her infamous crops here in Calgary and donating the proceeds to the trip in February where we will continue to help build a school there. This fills me with hope as this crop fills up. There are limited spots available so register ASAP if you would like to join us Jan. 24.

2. I am also doing an ONLINE AUCTION of mostly scrapbooking and crafting items, but also a few other goodies thrown in!! It started this past week and will pretty much run until it is either all gone or the Jan. 24 crop… whichever comes first!! 100% of all proceeds will go towards the Haiti trip and school so build generously and please SHARE!!!  It is on Facebook HERE.

3. If you would just like to donate money, you can do that too!!! Anything over $20 is tax receiptable and the link to do that is HERE.

And one more thing that just put a smile on my face this week and HOPE in my heart… I photographed a special lady… she wants to give her children the gift of a legacy portrait this Christmas… her and her husband have been married over 55 years… she understands that one day these photos will be precious… we had so much fun!! We added eyelashes and lip gloss and dressed her up in beautiful lace and sparkly jewels and we talked for hours about everything from marriage and how she met her husband to her favourite perogy recipe and fashion. I know her children will see the beauty of this portrait and now I just pray that she will also see it as she is truly a beautiful lady inside and out.

In case it isn't already obvious… I love what I do.

And because my heart for photography and helping others go hand in hand, I have another way you can help support the school in Haiti… 100% of proceeds from my photography this Christmas is going towards the funds for this trip AND I created a Christmas Special...

So with the purchase of a Deluxe Photo Session ($175), you receive a BONUS GIFT worth over $175 ($350+ value for only $175). And it all goes towards the Haiti school building trip in February. But HURRY as there are only 5 left!!!

Oh my and ONE more way to help with Haiti… I am now a Mary Kay consultant and am also donating all my proceeds towards the trip from now until I leave in February so if you would like a catalogue or would like to put in an order, please let me know!!

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