Learning from Loss

Another dose of grief has come my way... this one different from Christy... but yet I know those close to him have joined the "Grief Club" (see previous post).

Cole Brown has been our "guy in Haiti" as I have coordinated with him and our Hope for Haiti fundraising efforts here in Canada over the past few years to build an ART room and teach art at the school there. Cole has been living in DR/Haiti for the past 10 years and passed away in a plane crash doing aid work following the recent hurricane in Haiti.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by how children react... and the children in Haiti were a testament to how passionate Cole was about them and helping their school and community. He was also an insanely amazing photographer that I may or may not have been jealous of and wanted to be just like when I grow up!!

So even though Cole was super private, I kinda forced him to get in front of the camera for me and video taped an interview I had with him while in Haiti... through some nerves, you can hear the passion and heart he had for this country and my prayer is that we can continue to help fulfill his visions for this community...

The lessons I am learning through loss lately are vast... but the bottom line is this...

Life on earth is fleeting. I believe God prompts us in different ways to make the most of it by helping others. My prayer is that when it is my time, I will hear the words in Heaven, "Well done good and faithful servant." And so that is how I want to live out the rest of my life on earth, however long that may be.

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