Photo Friday (Calgary Portrait Photographer)

Today's Photo Friday picture is personal again... 
my very own "Butterfly Girl"... 
may she truly know how beautiful she is simply for being her... 
beautiful inside and out... exactly as she is.  

I recently had a mom confide that her teen daughter suffers from poor self-esteem at times (sadly whose teen daughter doesn't?!?!?) and she was wondering if doing a photo shoot with me might help?  

My response?
That is EXACTLY who I want to photograph!!!!  Anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and not felt good enough... I want to provide a very unique experience 
where they get pampered, 
are the sole focus of attention, 
get to play dress-up and 
experience a "beauty" shoot 
with the added bonus of beautiful photos of themselves 
that they actually love!  
And I know it sounds like it's all about the outer beauty, but there is truly something special that seems to also happen inside... a little boost of confidence that comes each time they see the photos :)

So... do you know a teen girl that could use a boost?
I'd love to help :)

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