Getting Closer!!!

So I'm getting closer and closer to being able to "OFFICIALLY" launch the opening of my new studio... since moving over 3 years ago, I've not really run my portrait business (as I have no studio!!) and I've missed it dearly!!!

Yes, I've been galavanting around the world taking photos, teaching photography in hot tropical locations and writing a photography article for Canada's BEST magazine ever (Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!) and having way too much fun with my camera (and not-so-fun moments dunking it in the ocean!!), but I really really REALLY miss my studio and the ART of creating a beautiful portrait!!!

Yes, it is ART.  It is a beautiful form of ART.  ART that captivates attention when seen.  

I am loving that I can take any and all women and show their beauty... well... MEN can be "beautiful" as well (at least that's what they say in Brazil!!)

But I don't just want the "beautiful" by society's standards to come for portraits... I want EVERYONE... every age, every size, every nationality, every everything... 

...because EVERYONE has beauty 
and deserves to be celebrated simply for being who they are right now.

And so while getting my studio ready for "official launch" (COMING THIS FALL!!), I've been taking courses and intently studying and practicing with many wonderful women to refine my ART.

And I think I'm going to try a "Photo Friday" where I will post a beautiful photo each Friday and perhaps share a bit of their story... 

So this is my beautiful niece Kayla... and she just graduated and is taking a year to go on an amazing adventure through Canada first semester and then off to Guatemala next semester where she will get to do humanitarian work and really grow and learn about herself and our world!!!  I am so excited for her and seeing this beautiful picture of her makes me smile as I can not see only see her outward beauty, but more importantly her inner beauty that simply SHINES out through her smile :)

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