HELP me HELP them! Calgary Flood 2013

Please comment below or on my Facebook Page if you know a Deserving Woman/Family I can help in this way.

As most of you probably already know, southern Alberta, including Calgary, recently suffered a horrific flood that has devastated so very many families... thankfully, although we were in the flood zone, our home was spared.

It was late Thursday night on June 20 when a friend messaged me that our area was being evacuated.  I had seen news footage of the absolute destruction in High River and Canmore and could hardly believe it... and knowing the swell was now heading to Calgary, I was still certain our home would not be affected (even though I live just up from the river).  I had even invited friends to come stay with us when they were evacuated earlier that evening!!!

But within the hour, the police were at our door telling us we needed to leave so we quickly cleared our basement best we could, moved the scrapbooks up to the top floor, packed our bags and left to go stay at my mom's home.  It would be a few days before we could move back in, but I am so grateful to God that he spared our home... but am oh so sad for others who lost everything :(

(photo by Jonathon Hayward)

So today we gathered some of the youth from our church to head out to help one of our members whose home was flooded while she was out of town... talk about mixed emotions today!!!  Happy to be able to help, proud of our kids (who are too young to officially volunteer... need to be 18) and yet so sad to see how much she lost (cried along with her), but then inspired by her heart to stay positive and focus on the blessings she DOES still have in her life :)

So all this time, I have been thinking and wondering what else I can do to help... and today when I saw my friend's photos all in ruin (although I am a "super scrapper" and know how to salvage pretty much any photo!!), I have decided that I can also maybe help out someone who has lost everything by giving the gift of some new beautiful photos... of themselves, of their kids, of their family.

In my new business, I already have established my "Deserving Women" program and I think it is definitely time to offer another deserving women/family a special photo shoot to help them have hope for the future...


So if you know someone who has lost everything in the flood who you would like to nominate, please leave a comment below or on my Facebook page along with a brief story of why you think they are deserving of this gift... it will be sheer pleasure to do this for someone!!!  For more information, be sure to check out my website at

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Julie A. Shearer said...

How very nice of you . God bless .