Meet our Mexico Families!!

Meet our Mexico Families!!!

I can't believe it is finally here... we jump on a bus this Friday to drive 35 hours down to a part of Mexico that most of us don't usually think of when we hear "Going to Mexico"!!!  I've been to a LOT of beautiful places in Mexico, but this is truly where my heart is :)

And I am sooooooo excited to finally meet the 3 families we get to build new homes for!!!!  Family #1 is the one that I will personally be building with my family... can NOT WAIT to hug little Mariana!!!

Family #1

Miguel (21), Maria (18), Mariana (3)
Miguel works in the tomato fields earning the equivalent of $80 a week. Maria is incapable of working due to chronic headaches, and this family has not been making enough money to build a better house. It is however very apparent that Maria takes alot of pride with her existing home, as it is very clean.
The family lives in a two room shack made of plastic on a cardboard roof with a concrete floor. The roof leaks alot when it rains and the plastic is very loud when it is windy. The house is separated into two rooms and they have one bed for the three of them. They plan on giving alot of the materials from their old house to family to help them better their existing homes. They have been waiting patiently and are very excited to have a safe and warm place to call home.

Family #2
Gerardo (37), Sofia (45), Maria (4), Esmeralda (14)
Gerardo works for Berrymex and is in charge of irrigation for the fields. He earns up to the equivalent of $100 per week. Sofia does not work and has diabetes, however they are fortunate to have Gerardo's social security to help pay for medication. They have both worked hard and are proud to say they have paid off and own their land. Esmeralda lives mostly with her stepbrother Alberto in a neighboring town because it is closer to school.
The family lives in a mostly cardboard shack with random pallets and wood as a frame. They have it covered with whatever plastic they can find, however the roof still leaks when it rains. They don't have a shower but use a large basin in the house to bathe whenever possible. The family sleeps together in one bed and it is in the same room as the kitchen. They have worked hard over the years to get where they are, and are really deserving of a new house.

Family #3

Tolentino (27), Clara (33), Mayra (7), Fabiola (5), Victor (8 months)
Tolentino works in the tomato fields earning up to the equivalent of $80 per week. Mayra and Fibiola both attend school, but Clara stays home so she can look after Victor.
The family lives in a carboard shack with very little wood for a frame. The house is wrapped in plastic over a concrete floor, but the roof still leaks whenever it rains. The street they live on has recently received electricity, and it has made it much easier to get up in the middle of the night for their baby. Clara and Tolentino have waited very patiently for a new house and are looking forward to raising their family in a safe and secure home.

And we couldn't be doing this without sooooo very many of you giving sooooo generously to help make it happen... an extra special huge THANK YOU especially to our Crop For Mexico 2013 ladies...

I have 3 copies of this beautiful photo of you to take down and present to each family and it will be my sheer privilege to explain to them that you cared enough to support them and show them such love and giving... and now I have to stop because I'm already crying!!  If I'm feeling this way now, I'm hooped for being down there!!!!!  Oh well... tears of joy are a good thing :)  I love you all and will try to post some updates while down there (check my Facebook page especially).