My New Favourite Book!

This book, "Heaven is for Real" landed in my hands through a friend and after reading it, I immediately went out to buy my own copy (found it at Costco).  I have the tendency to collect too many books, so I'm more careful now and only invest in ones that deserve the "real estate" on my book shelf... this one was a no brainer!!

It's the true story of a little boy Colton (age 3) who almost died and while in the hospital, went to Heaven and met God, Jesus, his great grandpa Pop (who he had never met) and a sister (who he didn't know even existed as his mother had suffered a miscarriage years earlier and had never shared with him).  The details this little boy presented to his parents in the months after his hospital ordeal floored them and convinced them that their little boy did experience something special!!

Colton is now 11 years old and although some of his 3-4 year old memories have faded (whose memory doesn't fade through the years!), he still holds to what he saw and learned in Heaven and his Dad wrote the story.  Here's an interview they did on the Today show recently...

I'm getting Brad and my kids to read it too (Justin read it in about 3 hours last night from start to finish!) as it has a LOT to ponder.  I was reading it while on my elliptical and burst into tears thinking about getting to see my grandma's again (btw... apparently adults in Heaven are a younger version of themselves!  Wooo hoooo!!), I'll get to see my friend Tammy that died when I was 12, Brad's little brother that died as a baby and a host of other friends and family.  My favourite part is the hope it offers those who have lost a child... "Jesus REALLY loves children" says Colton :)

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Judy Beeksma said...

Allison, my son found this book at Costco one day when we were there together and he insisted upon getting it...Fabulous book and amazing story...Thanks for sharing