Crop For Mexico!!

YES, we will have delicious homemade food again (this year we will also serve a light breakfast of delectables in addition to lunch, supper and snacks!!)
YES, we will have strong abled guys to help carry all your crop supplies in and back out to your cars (and shovel the snow and start and scrape your cars!!)
YES, we will again run an on-site garage sale for attendees and the public (so please start gathering your donations now to bring along to the event!!)
YES, we will offer optional add-on classes taught by our hosts and instructors (will post these as they become available... meanwhile let us know what you'd like to learn!)
YES, 100% of your registration fee and ALL spending at the event will go towards building a home for a very needy family in Mexico!! Have fun and change lives!!

Registration opens Friday, Jan. 20, 2012 at 5am!!!
Click HERE to register!!!

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Judy Beeksma said...

Oh I so wish I lived closer...Sounds like so much fun!!!