The Eagle has landed!!!

We did it!!!!!!  After over 30 hours on this beautiful bus, we finally arrived in Mexico and went straight to the community we are building homes in!!!  We were terribly excited if I do say so myself!!!

Here is a shot of our group of 42 walking through the area as we visited each of the 3 build sites we will be working at!  What an indescribable experience to finally meet each family in person!! 

We split our team up into 3 building groups and here is group #1...  this little boy immediately asked Brad for a "Kapuchki" or piggy-back ride!!!

The next home was MINE!!!  My heart jumped as this was the home I was hoping to build based on the pictures we had been sent so when our family's name was called (they made us wait until we were there to find out our teams!), I was so very excited!!!

And take a look at this cutie patootie that lives in this house!!!!!!  BITE-A-BLE or what????!!!!  Guess who I'm going to be taking a ton of pics of!!!!

And then house #3... the mom at this house was simply delighted and actually remembered a few team members from the builds from last year!!

I will try to show you pics of the inside of their current homes tomorrow... be prepared.

Well, it is about 1:30am and the rest of the team is already sleeping and I have to be up early!!!!  Couldn't wait to share at least a few shots with all of you as I feel like you are all part of this team in spirit and in support :)  

I'm already learning great things and it will come as no surprise that I have cried already... I am just so humbled at this whole experience... the needs are just so great... the people are just so grateful... and I am just so thankful and feeling immensely blessed.

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Dione said...

Love that you are keeping us in the loop!