60 Hour Bus Ride and WINNERS!!!!

What is one word that describes what the next 10 days holds for my family????


Between 60 hours on a bus heading to a remote part of Mexico with 42 people, building homes for 3 needy families and everything in between, the word that describes it best is ADVENTURE!!!!  

I love that I really don't know what to expect and I really LOVE that I'm not in charge of this event!!!  For once I can simply "ride along" and just enjoy the experience.

Know what else I love????  Our house-sitter is going on a humanitarian trip to the Philippines in the Fall so by her helping us while we're gone on this trip, we are in turn sponsoring her trip :)  LOVE win-wins like that!!!!!

It's funny because CHA is this week and normally I would feel a little sad not going, but NOTHING can compare with what is ahead and the lives and entire community that will be changed :)

And I just want to say a huge THANKS to all of you who have had a part in this!!!!  I can hardly wait to report back to you with how your support has been used to touch the hearts and lives of those in Mexico!!

And on that note, here are the winners from our 
"Make the House a Home" Fundraiser:

Quilt by Christine Collier
Winner:  Kandi Permann

Photo Shoot with Allison Orthner
Winner:  Linda Carr

Iginla Jersey
Winner:  Jeff Lowe

Out on the Town
Winner:  Marcia Enz-Morrison

Crop and Cruise Tote
Winner:  Marilyn Ritchie (and Leonka!!)

So thanks again to ALL who helped contribute to the funds for this adventure!!  I'm confident God will richly bless you ALL in ways you can't imagine :)

Chat soon from Mexico!!!

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Marilyn said...

woohoo....thank you so much! Hope your adventure to Mexico makes your cup runneth over ... I am sure it will. I know many people who have gone on similiar missions and come home changed people.