If you build it, they will come!!!

What a great day!!!!!!!  I honestly didn't expect that it would be this much fun to build these homes!!!  I know a big part of it is simply our amazing team... we have mostly families and several of them include some lifelong friends so it has been pure joy to get to share this experience with them :)

So today we did our first day of building!!!  I've never hammered so many nails in my life and although I started off a tad "shakey"... it doesn't take long to get the hang of it!!  And I was just so stinking proud of my kids... you can tell we've been building a deck back home as that experience sure paid off with them knowing what to do!!

And the most fun part of the day... if you build it, they will come!!!!  As we were building, we began to gather all sorts of kids from the area who wanted to come watch and help us build!!!  A HUGE part of this trip is to reach out and connect and love on the entire community so we intentionally seek out opportunities like this!!!

A lot of the kids create their own toys (can't afford to buy a lot) and one of their favourite things is to create kites out of garbage bags and sticks, pop bottles, etc.

A couple of kids came around our site and Derek was trying to play with their kite and they were rolling on the ground laughing at him while he tried to wind up the string!!  Had I not been working hard holding something for Brad, I would have grabbed my camera!!  

The thing that has really hit all of us is how happy and content these kids are despite having so little... and compare this with how stressed, rushed, busy and angry so many of us are back in Canada, it makes me wonder what we are all striving for.  Lots to think about!!!

I've got to get to bed (again!), but thought I'd leave you with my favourite shot of the day...

These are the two little girls (Elizabeth and Beatrice) who will get to live in the house we are building... I can hardly stand it!!!  I just keep imagining the difference this will make in their precious little lives and they are both fast making their way deep into my heart... and it's only day 1!!!


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing Allison...I love reading about what you are all up to & following your journey.

Question: is it hot there or cold or ??? I keep seeing people with sweatshirts on, etc! When we were in Mexico it was like 42C with the humidity...is it for protection while building??? Also, how are you getting internet...it's sooooo sketchy there & expensive. Definately a luxury!

Wishing you another great day of building houses today.

Allison Orthner said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for your note and question! It is BOTH hot and cold where we are as it is a "dessert" type location so high's of high 30s during the day, but really cools down at night where I'm wearing long pants and a sweatshirt or light coat. As for internet, the lodging at Hero Holiday has wireless internet for it's guests so I'm able to come on whenever I have a moment :) Thanks for the well wishes and support!