I like men.  I've always liked spending time with men or guys.  It might be from the fact that I had 3 brothers growing up (and no sisters) and virtually all of my cousins were guys (see below... this is just a few of them... I have 38 cousins) so I didn't have many options.  And I learned early on that men had far less drama than women!!  They still do!!

So this past weekend being Father's Day and all and getting to spend it with my entire extended family (almost!) I had a lot of "think and life evaluation" time (which is always a good thing!).

Bottom line is that I've just been fortunate to be surrounded by some really good men.  Men who are true examples of what REAL men should be like... loving, kind, genuine, integrity-filled, good natured, sense of humour, committed, treating the women in their lives well and Godly.  Do you know how hard it is to find men like this these days??!!!  We don't get to see too many good examples on TV and sadly not too many athletes, politicians, etc. seem to stay the course either.

So this weekend I am thankful for the few good men in my life... starting with this guy...

I still am in awe that God saw it fit to give me Brad in my life.  I shudder at what life would be like had I married a few of the other guys I dated!!!  He honestly is one of the best Dad's I know...  and I know everyone says that, but he truly sets the bar high and all those who know him, know I speak the truth.  I'm so thankful Lindsey is learning that it IS possible to have a guy of such quality!  She may have to look long and hard, but I have faith they are out there!!

And then my own father...

I just love this shot of him!!!  He was and still is my example of a great man... God first, family second and money was NEVER a focus and yet we always had enough.  At a time when it wasn't the norm, my dad was heavily involved in raising us... from changing diapers to playing with us downstairs after supper EVERY night to taking us on fantastic memory-filled camping trips.  Watching him enjoy life brings me great joy :)

Now my oldest brother, Mark, is the only one who isn't a "regular" father and has never married... but much of his life has been dedicated to being a surrogate "dad" to countless street children at the Chain of Love Homes in Brazil.  He is like a ROCKSTAR there!!!  And the really fun part is he is getting married to a lovely lady down there next year and will become "step-dad" to two grown men and plans to continue to work with underprivileged children and youth!!  Definitely the heart of a true dad!!!

Next is my brother Grant...

He is such a gentle soul and has always been the most tender of my brothers!  Growing up Grant was always able to make us laugh (and cry) and still does have a most amusing sense of humour and soft heart!  He is a great Dad to 4 kids (and a puppy!) and is already seeing them grow up and move on :(  

Then comes my brudder Darren...

We are closest in age and pretty much grew up hanging out with each other... and still sort of do as he lives minutes away, his wife is one of my soul sistas and his two girls are good friends with my two kids :)  His life is so full of integrity that I always comment that I wanna be just like him when I grow up!

So those are the "dad men" in my life... what a great group for Justin to be surrounded by growing up!!!  My goal is to raise Justin to be like his dad, grandpa and uncles... and someday his wife will rise up and call us blessed for it!!!!

And none of this would be possible if it weren't for my mother!!!!!  We were in Canmore this weekend celebrating Father's Day and my mom's 80th birthday!!!  Did you read that right?????!!!!!  YES, she is 80 years old!!!!!  Look at her!!!

She doesn't want people to know because she thinks people treat you different if they think you're that old, but I say SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS!!!!!  I'm so very proud of how great she looks, that she works out regularly and still enjoys life so much!!!  I can only hope and pray I am the same way at her age!!!!  GO GENETICS!!!!!

So just feeling blessed and wanted to take some time to honour these special people in my life.  The older I get, the more I'm realizing what's truly important in life and family is real high on my list!!!!


Gail said...

Hi Allison;

Thank you so much for your comments on my blog post "oh what to do. . . so many colour choices?"

I decided to take a chance and go with the robin egg blue, along with a few deeper shades of the blue, and then incorporated some shades of chartreuse and am loving it!

Thanks again and I hope your Redo is going well too. . . <3

jill said...

Hey girl -
So nice to "see" your family again on your blog. Sooooooo happy for your brother (getting married) AND for your Mom's birthday celebration. And I agree.......Brad is one of the very best to Ron; lol.