Introducing Three Special Families!!!

I was so very excited this week to receive the photos of the 3 families down in Mexico that our team will be building NEW homes for!!!  Here is the first family and their current home...  I can't wait to take photos of these two girls to frame in their new bedrooms!!!!

The second family apparently owns a very LARGE rooster and also takes care of their granddaughter.  Their oldest daughter had to quit school to help the family make ends meet :(  Hopefully we can help enough that she can continue her education...

The third family is a younger family who is sooooo excited that they were selected to receive a new home!!  All the families are carefully screened to ensure that they own their property (otherwise the property owners would seize it once the house was done!)  

As you can see, the area is definitely NOT a resort part of Mexico and is in dire need of some of the basic necessities of life.  

The homes we will be building will be a huge improvement over what they currently have, but nothing like what most of us live in here in Canada (we have to build 3 homes in just 1 week so I know they won't be elaborate!), but I do know that we can do a LOT to help them make these houses a home for their families!!!  


See the post below for our fun "Make the House a Home" Fundraiser and perhaps you will WIN as these families have won!!!  I absolutely love a WIN-WIN!!!!!  And the best part is you can lay your head on your pillow knowing you have had a part in changing the lives of many :)  

No amount of fame, money, hair or scrapbooking goodies can touch that!!!!!

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jill said...

What beautiful families!!! I am so happy for you that you will be giving to these families. They will always hold a very special and dear place in your family's hearts.
Love always & xox,