Bring in the Clowns!!!

Sometimes I'm so caught up in the scrapbooking industry that I forget there are other passions and interests out there!!!  So recently I was invited to photograph a CLOWN CONVENTION!!!!  How fun is that???!!!!!  Did you know that this industry is also alive and well and growing and colourful and also full of "clown celebrities"???!!!  

Even several kids are involved!!!  What a great way to make a little extra cash on the side growing up!!

And anyone recognize this cute face???  It's Corlann, our friendly Crop and Cruise travel agent!!!  She has all sorts of hidden talents!!!!

And these are her parents!!!  It "runs" in the family!!!  How cute are they???!!!!

Anyways, just thought I'd share some fun and colourful photos heading into this weekend!!  It's about time we had some colour in our world of rain this summer :)  

And I've got some super exciting news I'm not quite yet ready to reveal, but it has put a huge smile on my face the past couple months (and no I'm not talking about Crop and Cruise in Hawaii... although THAT IS exciting as well)... it is part of my "getting back to what I love" in life :)


kdgowdy said...

Allison, this pictures are so fun! I can only imagine what a fun opportunity that was! Corlann looks perfect!

jill said...

Kay...first off...nice to see Kim's little profile photo on your comments section; "hi kim!!!!". Now that that's outta the way......GREAT shots of some silly faces, Al. Love them.
Can I guess your big news? "Things you love about life", eh??? You love me -- is it that you're coming to my house?????
I wish.

Allison Orthner said...

JIIL!!!! You are just way too cute!!!! I would LOVE LOVE to come visit you!!! That would be something in my life to love :) Maybe someday soon we can at least "hang" or "sail" with each other???!!!!!! MISS YOU!!! CALL ME!!!!

Wally Woo Hoo the Clown said...

Oh I wish I was there this year. Great pictures! I love the one of Smartie Pants.