City TV and other fun stuff!!

It's always fun to do live TV!!

Yesterday about 30 seconds before going on air, they decided that Andy would join in the segment and wanted me to give him something to do!!!  So, a couple quick strips of Sookwang Tape and red Glamour Glitter from Craft & Glitz and we had a project!!!  He was supposed to make a Canada Flag and tried to hand-form a maple leaf out of Sookwang Tape!!

So things didn't get to go quite as planned!!  We didn't get to make the Magenta Cards with Prima Bling, although you did get to see it (thanks to my daughter for creating it!)

AND we didn't get a chance to reiterate on air that we are still having a

Our Canadian dollar is still going strong so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!!!

But the GOOD NEWS is you could WIN!!!!!!!!!!

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Nancy said...

I'm so glad I was able to watch!!

One tape for the tape and glitter... use the backing of the Sookwang tape that you peeled off and put it back over the spot you just glittered... then use a bone folder or the back of a spoon (or your finger) to burnish the glitter... works much nicer

Katharina said...

Great segment Allison! You are just so fun to watch!