More Grad Photos!!!

So my niece graduated from grade 9 this year and wanted to have her Auntie Allison do some fun photos for her and some friends and of course I complied!!!!  

I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE doing photos of teenagers... know why????  They actually love seeing themselves in photos!!!    It's sad, really, that somewhere between this age and my age (44), women begin to hate having their photo taken and "almost always" dislike themselves in photos.  Really sad.

I love how teenagers are so keen and eager to try almost anything for a fun photo including climbing a tree or dancing and twirling and jumping in the air.  I wish all clients were so carefree because that's when you can really capture some unique shots!!!!

And nothing beats a great studio shot!!!  This is where the close-ups are magic :)

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who played with me and my camera today and a super special thanks to my niece for simply being the delightful friend of so many... it's no wonder you won a special award today at school... soooooooo proud!!!!!


Jennifer Reynard said...

First of all, can't believe your niece is only graduating from Grade 9, I first thought you were doing grade 12 grad shots! Beautiful girl and bunch of gals.
Your photos are breathtaking!
Especially fond of the girls in the air and the single shots, actually, they're all superb.
How fun to climb a tree also.
Memories they'll never forget.
You're such a "great" aunt!!!

jill said...

wowsers!!!! very cute shots, Al. book your ticket for 6 years from now when Dare graduates!!!!