A day of lockdowns, flat tires, rain and birds!!!

The day started with my alarm failing to go off resulting in us all sleeping in.  Not good when my kids are writing their finals!!!

And I knew driving them to school was NOT an option as my van had a serious flat tire, the spare was also flat (not that I know how to change it!) and Brad was out of town with the other vehicle.

Fortunately we got dressed, ate breakfast, packed lunches and managed to still catch the bus all within about 20 minutes!!  We even got a bit of SS review in there (did you know that the Act of Union was in 1840?)

So with no means of transportation, I resigned myself to play "Molly Maid" today and reward myself with some scrapbooking assignments (working on my "Scrapbook Your Faith" article for Canadian Scrapbooker!) all while watching the Fifa World Cup of course!!!  

All was going well, but I knew I should be heading over to our new house to do some last checks as our walk-through is tomorrow so I got a lift from my sis-in-law and planned to walk/run home when done.

While at the new home (where I realized I had NOT brought the important checklist... ARGHHH!!) unbeknownst to me, my kids' school was in LOCK DOWN!!!  Apparently there was a threatening phone call at about 1:30pm and things swung into action... police were called and students were made to sit silently on the floor in the classrooms for 2.5 hours... SILENT... for 2.5 hours... on the floor... Jr. Highs!!!

As I was heading out to RUN back home to meet my kids, the storm clouds were finally releasing their pent up forces and I found myself running in the rain, thunder and lightening... and my knee was beginning to throb, but I really wanted to get home!!

It's funny cuz as I was running, I kept seeing all these beautiful birds and some were even seeming to follow me along the route... they were enjoying the moisture and truthfully, so was I.  I love how God seems to use birds in my life to remind me of how much He cares and to let me know that He is in control even when my day seems out of control or a storm is brewing around me!!  Birds don't worry... and I don't need to either... God's got my back.

So although red faced, soaked and sore-kneed when I got home, I actually felt AWESOME and was delighted to be able to hug my kids!!!  You never know what can come your way on any given day and although today had it's challenges, I'm so grateful that everyone is safe... including Brad who arrived safe and sound from Detroit through "tornado warning weather" here in Calgary!!

And although I really don't have a clue about the types of birds there are out there, the two posted here are just like the ones I saw along my run... aren't they beautiful????!!!!!!  May YOU hear the same message from a loving God whenever you see a bird :)


jill said...

Love your post on "birds" today, Al!!!! But I do have 2 things to say about the beauty that God shows us in these weird and wacky creatures.
1. He wasted all the beauty on Magpies; they are incredibly beautiful, but also incredibly stupid!!!!!
2. I don't know what God was thinking when he created those pesky sparrows that keep making a nest in the garage and pooping on my van!!!!!
The Lord works in mysterious way.

Jennifer Reynard said...

Wowsers! You need to journal/scrapbook this day because it was far from the "normal" routines of your household I'm sure.
So glad to hear God's presence was
with you in the sighting of the beautiful birds to help keep you calm through such an eventful day.
(Not sure if is making sense the way I have written it?!?)
So glad to hear everyone is safe and well.
I can't imagine what was going through the students/teachers minds during the lockdown!!! -hopefully, prayers upon prayers.

Connie said...

whoa, what a day!!! Yikes!!! Your photos are of an American GoldFinch and Red Winged Blackbird. They are wonderful birds!