The wait ends tomorrow...

Well, we just found out that Brad will know TOMORROW if he still has a job with Nortel (now owned by Ericson). Yes, the wait ends tomorrow!!! And we will finally find out if he will be one of the lucky ones and receive an offer letter or if he will get his notice and be laid off!

The beauty is, he has so much peace about the whole thing that he forgot to tell me this "little" tidbit of information all day until just now (supper time!). One of many things I appreciate about this man is his steadfast faith... he really does believe that God is in control... and so he is out shopping with the kids while I absorb the news :)

Speaking of the kids, guess who captured this amazing shot of Brad while on vacation????? LINDSEY!! She often takes my camera and practices her photography (she has sat in on my classes on numerous occasions) so this is her shot... no cropping or anything... her beautiful self-described "rule of thirds" shot of her Daddy!!!!

And speaking of tomorrow, I will announce the winner of our little CHA giveaway that just ended so watch for that as well!!


Christy Riopel said...

My Prayers are with you...all of you!

jill said...

Today will be a long day of waiting.....enjoy something for yourself & your family, Al. We will be thinking of all of you and praying that the news is Good News. Hugs to all.
GREAT photo, Linds!!! Miss ya'!!