The Wait is Over!!

Sorry for the delay in posting today (and thanks for all the prayers and well wishes from so many)... and YES thankfully the wait is over!!

Brad received his official offer of employment from Ericsson!!!!

He still has a job!!! There may still be some "surprises" along the way in the transition from Nortel (like needing to suddenly somehow fit in over 6 weeks of vacation within 90 days or he loses them when Ericsson takes over!) But at least the wait is over on wondering if he will still be employed!!

So, let's celebrate by announcing the CHA giveaway! Lindsey chose a random number 20...

I love the new stuff! Thanks for sharing your top picks Allison!I love the Plum Crazy from Glitz Design! It's so "me"!! hahaha!

Melissa Haavind

Thanks everyone! And a special thanks to two of my oh so special soul sistas for a wonderful lunch today... love you guys!!


Jennifer Reynard said...

Awesome news! You both must feel a
big weight lifted off of your shoulders. Now you can move forward
make plans for your new house!

ScrappeeDiane said...

Well it looks like Fall is falling into place for you and your family. I'm happy to hear Brad got the good news. Enjoy the weekend :o)

jill said...

I rushed to the computer this morning to find out your news -- Good News -- I knew the Big Guy would pull through for you all. Congratulations, Brad!!!! You sooooo deserve everything you have & receive. You all work so hard. Let me know if you need any house decorating help now -- becoming a specialty of mine {lol}.
smiles & hugs,