Back to School Photo Tips...

First day back to school and amidst the mixed emotions, I was on a mission to capture some "First Day" photos to show on my TV Segment tomorrow (Breakfast Television Tuesday @ 9:30am).

Justin is not always eager in front of the camera, but he does tolerate me as long as I don't embarrass him so I did his photos before we left home! The first was a neat idea I got from Creating Keepsakes Magazine where you have your child hold their photo from last year so that you can see the changes since last year!! Justin definitely looks different this year with his cool "fauxhawk" and funky glasses! And then I used my telephoto lens to capture the daily routine of my hubby walking to the bus stop with the kids... it's a great bonding time AND I can't believe I haven't thought about capturing it in a photo before this!!!Now Lindsey is always eager to cooperate so we had fun with her friends hamming it up in the school yard, I captured a hearty laugh between her and a good friend using my telephoto lens (converted to black and white so the photo focuses on the emotion) and then snuck into her class for a "desk shot" before anyone else arrived (shhhhh.... don't tell the teacher, but I stood on the desk next to Lindsey in order to shoot down at her!).

I also do the "typical" shots and of course buy the school's annual "mug shot" of my kids, but it's so much more fun to capture some of the behind the scenes back to school stuff in a unique way! It helps me take my mind off the fact that my babies are growing up so fast :(

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jill said...

LOVE the tips, girl!!!! I am sooooo gonna use those on the first day....and second.....and third.....!!
Our kids don't start 'til the 11th (wow)!!!