Purpose driven life...

I had a lot of "think" time over this past vacation... always a great time to evaluate life and what is truly important (and what isn't) and regain perspective and priorities!

This photo carries so much meaning to me... my LOVE LOVE LOVE of photography, my LOVE LOVE LOVE of these three amazing people in my life and my LOVE LOVE LOVE for God and the reasons He has placed me here on this earth (you can't see the beauty I saw on this vacation and not believe that God designed it and has a purpose behind it ALL!).

I am giddy over all the photos I captured and will show more soon, but just had to share this one that touched my heart the instant I saw it today!


jill said...

OMW....what an amazing photo!!! Who could ever doubt the possibility of a divine power that creates it all!!!
Can't wait to see more -- so happy I've learned from the Best.

miss filly said...

I love those types of photos! they are so cool.