We're back!!

Sorry for the delay on posting... we just got back from a "superiffic" camping vacation that took us from Calgary to Vancouver then down the Oregon coast (all the way to California!!) and back up through Sand Point Idaho (a favourite beach of mine... think "blue speedos"!) I'll post some vacation photos soon once Mt. Washmore has been conquered!

Meanwhile, two awesome things to share:

1. For those who still don't know, we are staying in CALGARY and building a new home in Quarry Park which is only about 2 minutes south of our current home! So no to Sweden or Detroit and YEAH for Calgary... we are so excited!!

2. Creating Keepsakes Magazine asked me to pass on an awesome opportunity to WIN a Tamron zoom lens!! Click HERE to see their blog and enter to win before August 28!! And don't forget about my own CHA GIVEAWAY a couple posts below... it ends at the end of August!!


Always A Party..... said...

YAH!!!! Your staying in Calgary. That is great to hear.

Have fun building your new house.

Tracy Lavoie said...

When are they finally building in Quarry Park - the homes I mean, because I know about the other construction. I live in Riverbend, so 'Howdy Neighbour'