We're MOVING!!!!!!!

Well, I mentioned awhile ago that there's been a HUGE family decision simmering in our lives over the past few months...  we researched, prayed, discussed it at length with the kids, prayed some more and it's finally now official!!!

We're MOVING!!

We signed the papers so I guess there's no going back!!   We're terribly excited though!!

Have some fun guessing WHERE we are moving to!!  

And if you already know, humour us by not revealing yet!!


Jennifer Reynard said...

Hey that's not fair! :( You have to tell us where you are moving to...I'm hoping just to a bigger house, but it doesn't sound like it.
Hope it will close to Calgary so we still get to see you around! :)

serena said...

Sweden - the new headquarters of Nortel????

Kate said...

Toronto??? Somewhere bigger then Cal probably...so I know it's not Saskatoon! Good luck with this!

Izzy said...

It was lovely to see you last weekend! Wishing you all the best with the move ((hugs))

Diana said...

I would also hate to see you leave the province Allison, but I am guessing Vancouver???

Scrap Hut said...

I hope you are just moving to a different house in Calgary somewhere. :) But it sounds like you are moving out of the city. :) I am going to guess Texas. When are you going to tell us?

A Tuton said...

Hi Allison,
It sounds like you are all excited about the move. Based on information in your previous blogs, a larger Canadian city or Sweden does sound logical.

My husband, Scott, ushers at our church (Crossroads) and is part of Collin Orthner's team. I finally approached Collin and asked if you was related to him.It is a small world, you never know the connections one may make. Take care and looking forward to hearing your new destination.