My Heart Goes Out to...

My heart goes out to Mothers who are struggling today (Mother's Day) with the loss of a child whether recently or years passed... and daughters who don't have their mom's on this earth to give a hug and "thanks" to on this special day.

Don't know why, but it's been on my mind today... know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers and it has made me extra thankful today for my own healthy children and my own amazing mother who put up with a lot of "STUFF" I'm sure I put her through to become the mother I am today :)


Laura said...

we are all lucky to know such an awesome and talented Mom like you!!!
can't wait for next weekend,
Happy Mother's day


ScrappeeDiane said...

Thanks for the special words, I'm missing my Mom terribly. Hope you were treated like queen :o)

Lee-Anne said...

My brother passed away two years ago and I feel so bad for my Mom. She is thankful to still have two other children, but there will always be a void.