So very sad....

Memory Makers Magazine is saying goodbye... here is an excerpt from their letter...

Dear Friends of Memory Makers Magazine,

After much analysis, we have made the determination to cease publication of
Memory Makers magazine with the September/October 2009 issue and cancel the annual Memory Makers Masters competition.

The passion and dedication of the Memory Makers contributors, advertisers,
vendors, staff, and readers these past 13 years is what has made this business so rewarding for those of us fortunate enough to publish the magazine. Sadly, in light of increased industry consolidation, severe advertising cut backs, poor economic conditions, and lack of new consumers coming to the hobby, we cannot continue to profitably publish the magazine on- or offline.

As we work to bring this last issue to closure, however, I want to take a moment and
thank you for your role in crafting the Memory Makers story. The beautiful thing about this magazine is that it has memorialized the scrapbookers and scrapbooking companies forever that really launched this exciting hobby. We are proud and thankful for that heritage.

If you have any specific questions regarding this closure, please contact me directly.

I have to say that this was one of my favourite magazines to work with... some of my favourite front covers were with them...They will greatly be missed.


Jennifer R said...

So sorry to hear of yet another magazine publication to cease.
Glad you have some of your photos
on the front covers as an extra special remembrance of them.
Hope you make it to the front cover again before the final issue!
jennifer reynard

Izzy said...

I enjoy this publication too and was sad to hear that it will end in the fall. Right now, I'm now reading my last issue of Simple Scrapbooks another great publication in the industry that's gone. I hope and pray that no more scrapbooking/crafting publications have to make this difficult decision.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see how this industry is decreasing but I'm hoping it opens new opportunities for all those that love it for creative and emotional aspects and not just the financial rewards. Memory Makers was the first scrapbooking magazine I bought when I first started cropping and while I thought their quality had suffered over the last while, I'm still sorry to see them go. We have to support our local magazine, Canadian Scrapbooking Magazine so they won't have to someday face the same terrible choice!

Lee-Anne said...

I recently subscribed to Memory Maker's Magazine and now I am disappointed to hear they will cease publication soon. I don't know if I will be refunded, but that isn't as sad as the fact that this wonderful industry will miss this publication. I too want to help support our local magazine and also the little guys in the scrapbook industry and hope that these economic hard times will pass.