Blog Giveaway Coming Soon!

Not today... but SOON!!!!

You see, my daughter Lindsey wants to see who actually reads this blog and together we decided that we would post some of her recent layouts and projects, have people vote on their favourite one and she will give away a little "sumthin-sumthin"!!!!

Now... the really cute thing is that my daughter has her own craft store in our basement called "Mirage" and she actually has some really nice things to sell!!!! Seeing as I'm pretty much her only customer (thankfully, she's slowly grasping the "location, location, location" concept of business) we both thought it would be fun for her to broaden the exposure of her 10 year old talent online.

So she wants to put together a prize package for the winner (with Mommy's help) and give it away to someone who kindly humours us and participates by leaving a comment!!! So watch for this fun Blog Giveaway coming soon!!!!

Meanwhile, here is my latest "RANDOM FAVOURITE PHOTO"... my crafty daughter of course :)


Kate said...

How could she be anything BUT crafty with you for a Mama?!? She is ten kinds of ADORABLE! Can't wait to see some pictures!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being the kind of parent who encourages her child to be all she can be.....both Mom and daughter are Blessed.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the lo's she did on the cruise. Her mother's daughter - did you see me bawl?? And I love love love the scarf I bought from their "store" in your basement! You go Lindsey!
:) Diane

Jennifer R said...

Hey, good luck Lindsey!!
Look forward to seeing some of
your creations!
jennifer reynard

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Lindsey!
I'll be watching & waiting.

Izzy said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! and I'd love to see more of Lindsey's creations!

Denise said...

Lindsey, I can hardly wait to see what you have to offer!!

Katherine C said...

It's great how you encourage Lindesy's creativity. You could see the joy in her face as she mingled with all the cruise scrappers...just like an old soul in the bunch! Can't wait to see more from her.

Jodie H said...

Way to go Lindsey! I'll see you on Crop Tropical in 5 more sleeps. I'd love to hear more.