Getting excited!!

Calgary Shoppers are getting excited and so are all the scrapbooking stores we are going to visit this weekend on our first ever Crop Crawl here in Calgary!!!

And I'm pleased to announce that we have again incorporated a fundraiser component (you should know by now that I LOVE to come up with fun ways for scrapbookers to give back!!)... our supper stop will be catered and served by a team of youth raising funds for a missions trip to Mexico (and their parents)!!

Speaking of fundraisers, those who were at our Scrapbook Your Heart retreat will remember that we raised $1000 for the Belo, Ethiopia project with Canadian Food for the Hungry!!! Well, my brother leaves next week to go and visit Belo and see for himself the work being done... and he's taking along a ton of soccer balls, nets and other supplies that the community felt would be a blessing to receive!! I will be sure to post lots of photos from the trip, but meanwhile, know that your generousity is soon making it's way into the lives of the children and families in Africa!!! Thanks everyone!!!

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Cari said...

Sounds like they'll be some fun times in Calgary!!

I'm looking forward to seeing those pics from your brother. How exciting for him.