Halloween Crafts

My October TV segment was so fun as I invited Christy Riopel (www.MondayNightClass.ca) and Christine Collier (AKA Calgary's Craft Diva) to come help me with Halloween crafting and decorating. You see, I don't really get into Halloween too much (definitely not into the blood, guts, gore stuff), but my producer wanted an entire morning of crafting! We ended up coming up with two place settings... one for adults and one for kids!
The adult one included a centrepiece filled with darker coloured leaves and gourds and then we simply added in creepy crawly spiders, roaches, snakes and spider webs! The placemat was 12x12 magic mesh, the place holder is a gravestone that said "Dave lies here", the Mummy napkin rings were toilet paper tubes covered in inked cheese cloth and black brads for eyes and the wine glasses were decorated with Stix2 and a skeleton hanging on the stem. Thanks to Scrapbook Pantry for supplying a ton of goodies to work with!The kids place setting included a fake pumpkin centrepiece with holes carved out and rats glued in "coming and going", the treat bags were "broomstick" candy bags and Halloween crackers (also homemade with toilet paper rolls and "crackers" (from Michael's) and the disposable plates and cups were stamped with spiders and spider web stamps (from Close To My Heart).
We even got into getting a little dressed up! I drew a spider web on my face and attached a fake spider (inspired by a layout of Leica Forrests in the Fall Canadian Scrapbooker magazine!). This was a stretch for me as I despise spiders!!!
Christine sprayed a crown black and added in her own "bling"... totally appropriate for the Craft Diva!
And Christy just kept putting spiders EVERYWHERE!! Thanks ladies for the fun! I am going to try to upload all 5 segments on youtube, but meanwhile, check out one of our segments HERE! Just look for the Oct. 21 BT Bite!


Jennifer R said...

Thanks for posting this all Allison. You girls looked fantastic.
Hope you had a good time..
Love all the craft ideas you came up with.
Well done! Jennifer R

Cari said...

Looks like you gals had a blast. Love the way the spiders look too!

Laura said...

you guys did a great job as always!!
Allison, I totally LOVE this pic of you, so cute!!!