A GRAND photo!

As beautiful as this photo is, it still doesn't do justice to the experience of being at the Grand Canyon in all it's enourmous majesty!! We hiked down into the canyon during the day (talk about hot!!!) and then that evening I went on a quest for the perfect sunset photo... like a kid in a candy store I tell you!!! The colours were amazing... I felt like God created it just for me that evening :)

Here's a couple facing the other direction as the sun was setting...

And our whole group at the furthest point we chose to go (still a long ways from the bottom), but yet a 3 hour hike down! What fun despite the serious heat and my brother's sprained ankle!! Did you know they need to rescue at least 250 people per year from the canyon? Mostly 25-35 year old males (who think they are invincible).

PHOTO TIP: Be sure to learn how to set your camera's timer to allow you to be in important photos like this one... you too might find yourself somewhere where no one is there to take the group photo and really, us photographers need to include ourselves more than we do!
More vacation photos to come if you're interested :)


Brittany said...

Awesome Pictures!! I loved taking pictures in the GC.
I also loved that picture of that little girl in one of your previous posts. Once I had read the story behind it it made the picture all that much better, just to see her smile.

Laura Nicholas said...

looks like you had a wonderful vacation. the grand canyon is one place I have yet to go see... Beautiful pictures as usual!