Time for some Favorite Photos!

I spent a week volunteering out at one of my favorite places... Camp Caroline!! I got to spend most of my days taking photos of the campers having fun!! And the best part... I didn't have to cook a meal all week!!! Woo hoo!!

These girls had fun doing a "mini photo shoot" with me!! They loved the special effects!!
This is probably my favorite shot due to the story behind it... this little girl's Daddy recently passed away and she was struggling with the loss... during this fun water game pitting the campers against the counselors, I managed to capture this shot... "PURE JOY" I like to call it based on the look on her face!!! Knowing that for at least a short time, we could help her forget her struggles put a smile on my face all day (and a tear in my eye... big surprise!).
So these are a few of my favorites out of the thousands I took (of course I've added a couple of my own kidlets who were both enjoying their week at camp!!). I love both for different reasons... the unique angle of my son with the soccer ball and the look on my daughter's face as she saw me coming with my camera to take pictures of her playing soccer!

I still need to fire through the thousands of photos I took while on our vacation driving our way to Disneyland and pick my favorites. Stay tuned for those!

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Jennifer R said...

Absolutely wonderful photos.
You really were able to catch such special moments with your camera!
Well done!