TV Segment: Organizing My Scrap Space: The Big Reveal!

First of all, a HUGE thanks to all the wonderful feedback on my Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine article on "Organizing for the Rest of Us"... help for those of us suffering from PMSSS (Perpetually Messy Scrap Space Syndrome!)

For those who missed this last year, below is my TV segment on the "Big Reveal" of my newly improved and organized personal Scrap Space!

You can see more details along with some "webisodes" of the journey on my webpage under "My Scrap Space".

And for those asking about the books I read that helped me to better understand my "right-brained-creative" type of tendencies, here they are...

And I need to give credit to for other great tips like the 15 minute timer tip!

And the big question on everyone's mind... is my scrap space still this clean today? The answer is NO... let's be honest here... I had a TV segment to motivate me to get it to this point! BUT I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was and I am not overwhelmed by it any more! And I can get it looking very close to the TV reveal usually with only two 15 minute timers :)

The most important things is... there is HOPE for those of us who struggle with PMSSS!! I am living proof! So if I can inspire anyone else to try, then sharing this journey has been worth it!

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Angie's Scrappin Spot said...

I just saw your video and love your new scrapspace... just fabulous... I also like the clear containers as well. My next purchase is going to be the clip it up embelishment organizer. Just love everything you did. It totally makes me want to pain and organize my space now. Thanks for the inspiration Allison. take care