Bitable Baby!

I've never experienced a "womb ache" AKA "I want another baby", but boy do I get the itch to take cute baby photos!!!! I waited patiently for this little angel to be old enough to sit up by herself and then boy did we have some fun!!! This is the perfect milestone during a baby's first year... sits, but doesn't yet crawl!! Take hundreds of photos cuz it will pass so fast!
Isn't she just bitable???? I think it's the cheeks and those long dark eyelashes... enjoy!


Trisha Ladouceur said...

Beautiful Baby pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too had that womb ache this week after taking a friend to her OB Gyn appt as she is due in a couple of weeks. The thought entered my mind about another pregnancy and I wound up in the ER with Kidney Stones as few hours later! Do you think that was the Big Guy's way of telling me to forget it... not going to happen??!! lol! I will live vicariously through other peoples babies who are as adorable as this one!

Have a great weekend:)

Laura Nicholas said...

oh those are fantastic pics! what a cutie....


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh,she is some sweet! BEAUTIFUL photos!

Amy said...

Oh! That's my baby Saydie!!! Alison, these are amazing! I bet Bonny, and Jay just loved them.
You are such a talented woman!