Digital Scrapbooking... taking the plunge!

So... summer time affords me some extra time to PLAY!!  And one of the things I thought I'd try is digital scrapbooking!!  Here's the plan... I'm going to take my laptop on our vacation (we are driving and camping our way down to Disneyland!) so with hours upon hours in the car, I'm going to try out some software called "Memory Mixer: digital scrapbooking made easy" and see if it really is easy!

The goal would be to have a completed digital scrapbook by the end of vacation!!  Lofty goal I know, but I will let you know if I think it is doable!  

Wish me luck!!!


Izzy said...

Enjoy! I started my digi scrapping with Memory Mixer and it truly is easy to use :) Have fun!

YMBD said...

Good Luck! I'm still too afraid to dive into digital scapbooking but want to really badly! Maybe I'll get some inspriation from you!