TV Segment on Christmas Crafting!!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and one of my favourite motifs is the snowflake!!  Check out this awesome snowflake photo by my friend Natalka Lindstrom... she has inspired me to try my own real life snowflake photos!!

So when preparing for my Christmas Crafting TV segment, I googled snowflakes and discovered some pretty cool ideas!!!  I've had so much fun with these Star Wars Snowflakes designed by Anthony Herrera and with the help of my Westcott cutting mat and blade, they were easier than they look!!!

To make these and to find even more fun Star Wars Snowflake templates, click HERE to go to the Anthony's website.

Then I came across Ballerina/Nutcracker snowflakes... click HERE to see more ideas for these fun "Dancing" snowflakes!!

I did my own rendition of these "Snowy Candle Holders" using salt and Craft & Glitz glitter, but you can click HERE for more inspiration above.

And as always, Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine, the magazine I write for has TONS of great ideas for Christmas AND features my Mommy and Daddy on the front cover!!!!!!  Be sure to get your issue soon!!!

And if you're still in need of an awesome gift for the crafter in your life, be sure to check out our Crop For Haiti event... consider buying the gift of this event as a wonderful way to also give to others and change lives!!!  It's a win-win-win!!! 

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