Me at 47 years old!

Recently I needed a few new shots for the magazine I write and work for (Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine) and was kinda sad that I didn't yet have my new studio set up to do them in!!!  I also wanted to be holding my camera, but yet needed my camera to take the shot... so guess what I grabbed??  The camera I tossed into the ocean!!!  YUP!!  I still have it!!!  I can't bear to throw out a $2000 camera... my plans are to "bling it up" and make it into artwork for my wall someday!!!  Meanwhile, it makes for a very realistic (and expensive) prop!!!

So this photo just so happens to be the same week I turned 47!!  So this is me at 47!!  My mom joked about me turning 29 and I actually chastised her for encouraging me to pretend I'm younger than I am... why can't I be 47 and proud of it?!?!?!  My mom is in her 80s and looks FANTASTIC!!  I think she should broadcast THAT to everyone and anyone (I do!!  I tell everyone my mom is in her 80s because I think her and my dad both do the 80s really well... don't you agree?!?!) 

So all this bring me to some really troubling questions...

Why is it that women feel the need to pretend??  
Why are women and girls not ok to just be exactly who they are right now??
Why can't we CELEBRATE ourselves and the truth of who we are??
Why do we focus more on what a calendar says or what a mirror says or what a scale says or what a school grade says rather than what our heart says??  

As some of you already know, I'm getting ready and super excited to re-launch my photography business!!  I've been shooting portraits in my home studio for over 16 years, but have taken a break since moving 2 years ago.  During this time, I have been digging deep into my heart and soul (while taking TONS of new photography classes) and through this, have come to realize what I REALLY WANT to do with my business and the WHY behind it all...

It's pretty simple... 
I want EVERY and ANY woman or girl 
who has ever looked in a mirror and not felt good enough, 
to have a BEAUTIFUL photo of themselves
to remind them of their true value.

Although a photo seems on the surface to be about outward beauty, I am learning that I can help a woman connect to her inner beauty and CELEBRATE her true worth and value through the experience of capturing a beautiful photo of her... exactly as she is... exactly as God created her... BEAUTIFUL... simply for being who she is right now... mother, wife, daughter, friend, teen, girl, woman.

And I am soooooo very passionate about this!!!!!  I am yearning to give this gift to women and girls from ages 8 through 80 and beyond!!!  I want them to not only hear how BEAUTIFUL they are from loved ones, but to also see it and feel it and BELIEVE it themselves.  I'm on a mission!!!!  

I'm Allison Orthner, 
I'm 47 years old 
and I think I finally know 
what I want to do when I grow up!!!!


Scrapbook Lynne said...

Whoo Hoo! Allison - welcome to the "OVER 40 and LOVING IT! CLUB"! And the more OVER 40 I get the more I seem to be able to get in touch with my Inner 5 year old - and I LOVED being 5.. grin. Thank you for sending out this message to all the women you touch - because it is IMPORTANT that we learn to see ourselves as exactly who we are and love that woman! (Kinda like your Mom does!)

Anonymous said...

Just love this mission and your go girl!!!