Happy New Year (ok a little late!)

Perhaps it's because I just really loved my last post and the photos and memories from our Crop and Cruise Hawaii (these girls mean the world to me)...

or perhaps it's because I have so much to tell you about some really fun NEW things brewing in my heart and brain and don't know where to start (hint: has to do with my photography)...

or maybe it's just because I have been taking a step back to re-evaluate my life again (I do this often and especially around New Years)... but bottom line is... I haven't posted in a long while!!!!!

It's all good though!!!  But I don't want to wait too long to let you know about a few exciting things coming up...


I'm going back to Mexico again this summer to build another 2 homes!!!!  It's in my blood now I guess!!  Once you have experienced this, it kinda makes you wonder why you do anything else!!!  Well at least it really changes one's perspective on WHY you do ALL you do in life :)

Anyways, watch for opportunities to join in with this project to change some lives:

Sat. May 4, 2013
9am - 9pm

Join us on National Scrapbooking Day where we will again have another full Saturday of cropping and shopping with FULL SERVICE (servers, carriers, car starters, etc) and YUMMY home made meals, snacks and FUN on-site fundraisers including our infamous GARAGE SALE of all things crafty!!

100% of EVERYTHING from this event goes towards building a new home for a very deserving family!!  Just look at the face of 17 year Reynaldo as he holds his precious photo of the group of CROP FOR MEXICO ladies from last year who sponsored his new home... you will never fully know how it impacted this family knowing so many complete strangers back in Canada cared!!

So book the date NOW, watch for further information on registration and meanwhile, start collecting your goodies for the garage sale and money for the shopping... all for such a great cause!!!!!


And... we will be doing a "Gift Cards" Raffle over the next many months and you have 2 options for getting involved in this one:

1.  Donate a Gift Card!!  Did you receive a gift card for Christmas that you don't think you'll use?  Or maybe you have one you've been holding onto forever that you are willing to donate?  Either way, you can support our Home Building by donating a Gift Card to our raffle :)  Simply contact me and I'll send you an address you can send it to.

2.  Donate to our Project!!  It costs $6000 to build one home and we appreciate every single $1 donated!!!  And you can have your name entered to win the Gift Card Bundle!!!  For every $5 donated, you will receive one entry to win :)

Ok... enough for now :)

This new year of 2013 is so very promising for me... I will share more again soon, but for now,  I am just so very excited and feel so very blessed for what's ahead :)

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Jennifer Reynard said...

Beautiful photos as always. The expressions on everyone's faces are so telling. Looks like 2013 is a real goal oriented, bucketlist -filled, dreams accomplished kind of year for you! Hope you succeed in all that you do! :):) Your enthusiasm is contagious...never lose that beautiful trait that you so own! Bravo girl!