Sneak Peek!!!

Guess what one of my next BIG REVEALS is going to be????!!!!!

My NEW STUDIO!!!!!!!

This is just a "sneak peek" of what I've been working VERY hard to get ready!!  I did a "test run" this past week with this cutie patootie and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this new look!!!!

Since moving over a year ago, I haven't really been doing any "official" studio shoots because I have been planning, dreaming, creating and collecting "FUN STUFF" for my NEW studio and working on my NEW website!!!  And it's oh so close to all coming together!!!

So this little "test run" has done two things... first, it has just reaffirmed how much I miss doing creative and unique portraits in a studio and second, it's inspired me to get'r done!!!!   Not sure if it will be in time for Christmas, but at the very least, I'll have gift certificates available!!

So what do you think????  I know I'm excited :)


jill said...

You (& Brad) have been busy. It's a far cry from the "guest bedroom" that I stayed in in September. Awesome work!!! LOVE the new look as well.

Nicole Voth said...

Nice job Allison! Looks like a great space. Love the lighting.

Lee-Anne said...

This is awesome Allison! Love your studio. Congrats!

Original Inspirations said...

Love the pics ... the last set though, the blue with polkas ... OMG! You go girl.

Kate said...

Oh my HECK this is AWESOME!!!

Jennifer Reynard said...

Gorgeous photos, what a beautiful girl! Love the look of your new studio. Well done... a dream come true I bet! :)