My First Commercial (with bloopers!!)


in November 2012 is getting SUPER exciting!!!  We already have just under 40 people from all across Canada planning to come and it is going to be a seriously HOT TROPICAL PARTY!!!

And guess who our 
are going to be????

If you don't already know, I'll give you a hint (if you already know... shhhhh just for awhile to let some others have fun guessing :)   

All I can say is this next Crop and Cruise I get to plark (AKA "Work and Play, but more play than work") with my dream team in Hawaii!!!  These ladies are not only seriously talented, artistic and  internationally experienced teachers, but splendiferously FUN to hang with as well!!!!

And we would love it if you joined us!!!!

You had me at Aloha!!!

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Nicole said...

Great job Allison:) Looks fun!