TV Segment: Halloween Crafting

It was soooo very much fun to reunite the crafting team of myself with Christine Collier and Christy Riopel for another fun TV segment!!!  It's been way too long!!!

So each of us agreed to come up with some fun crafting ideas and here they are!!!

Christine created a fabulous necklace and earings set (blinged up with glittery Mod Podge), some oh "sew" cute felt critters (click HERE for instructions) and a bowl full of eyeballs (styrofoam balls with coloured reinforcements and some red inking effects!)

Christy crafted a stack of treat boxes (from Michael's) and I complimented it with a ghostly lollipop (perfect for young kids to make for their classmates using a white napkin and orange yarn) and a witches shoe that can also hold treats (perfect for the teacher).  Click HERE for the instructions for the shoes.

 Halloween is definitely NOT my favourite holiday, but I must say I LOVED the elegant decor that Christy came up with... the hats are made with Crate Paper and some lacy embellishments, the rocks were painted with Christy's favourite paint: ChromaColour... then written on with a white Sharpie marker.

Her willow decor was my favourite not only because it had bling, but I can see using this idea for all sorts of holidays and seasons!!!

And her daughters helped put some fun Apothecary jars together (poison is simple food colouring)!!

And my "Speciman Jars" were inspired from HERE and were both disgusting and yet intriguing!! The "Albino Jellyfish Stingers" are simply strands from a hot glue gun, the "Pickled Brains and Eyeballs" is cauliflower and peeled grapes (yes I sat and peeled grapes!) and the "Unknown Specimen" is one of those "mega grow" creatures that grows 600% when put in water.  This picture was taken less than 24 hours and apparently it will continue to grow for 3 days so perhaps I'll post an updated picture when it's finished!!!  Looks creepy enough for me already though!!!  And I darkened the water simply with assorted amounts of coffee grinds :)  Easy Peasy!!!

Finally, the "Bleeding Candles" were super quick, easy and inexpensive!!  I simply used black acrylic paint to paint red candles then added some small spiders on the holder for extra ickiness and voila!!!!  

And now I'm soooooo ready to start thinking about Christmas as that IS my favourite holiday of the year!!

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Diane said...

Awesome job, ladies! You looked great and had great ideas. Thanks for posting, Allison!