My BABY!!!!!

I can't believe it, but my baby Justin turns 15 today!!!!  People always told me it would go quickly, but I think this is one of those life lessons you simply need to live through in order to fully understand!!

It seems like just yesterday that I'd go in to wake my napping little boy and be greeted with a huge smile!!  He was SUCH a good baby and easy going toddler!!

He has the greatest smile ever!!!!!  And when he was little, he was willing to let me dress him up for photo shoots!!! (Wasn't too long though when he decided that either I would have to pay him or he wouldn't do it anymore :(

And if he actually ever reads my blog, I know this will embarrass him (but isn't that part of the job description of a mother??!!!), but I always called him my Snuggle Bunny when he was little as he wasn't scared to cuddle and snuggle with me!!

Nowadays, the hugs still come, but not quite as often as I'd like... but I guess as a teenager that's sort of to be expected.  And so I'll wait until it's OK to hug mom again and still be cool :)

And speaking of cool, one of the things I love about Justin is that he sets his own trends with things like hats!!!  He has had so many different (and brightly coloured) hats over the years!!!  I LOVE it!!!!

So here's to 15 wonderful years with my "baby" boy... I truly had no idea what joy (and sometimes struggles) come with having children, but it is oh so worth it!!  Love you always and forever, no matter what!!!!  Happy 15th Birthday buddy!!!!!


Lee-Anne said...

What a nice blog post! Love all the photos.

Anonymous said...

enjoy every minute with each of your children, I attended a memorial service yesterday of a life taken far too early...he was 15!

KellyCreates said...

Gosh....LOVE the photos of your "baby" ...spanning the years! It is tough to see them grow up some days :) Bittersweet...especially when we hand over the car keys .lol!