Photography Class and Special Guests!!!

If you've always wanted to take my classic 
"Lights! Camera! Action!"
photography class and learn my best tips and tricks for capturing photos, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!!

I'm teaching in both Calgary and Edmonton this Fall at the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival sponsored by Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine...


Several instructors from our Canadian Scrapbooker Team are going to be there including my soul sista Christy Riopel 

(you MUST take her Design Secrets Class if you haven't already!!!)

AND... guess what other super special, talented and fun featured guest is going to be in Calgary teaching for WESTCOTT????

We are so excited to have her join us in the fun in Calgary!!!!  Make sure you pop by her booth to say hello and pick up a special "FREEBEE"!!

And guess who's coming to Edmonton to play and teach for WESTCOTT???

Michelle Zemlak!!!!
Our favourite shabby chic super sweet lady!!!! 

I am sooooooo excited to hang with all these amazing ladies and get to play with all of you too!!!  I'm hosting the crops in both cities (think both are sold out!), but remember, this event is 

for shopping, playing, hanging and taking classes so be sure to check out all the details HERE!!!!

All of us would love it if you came by!!!


jill said...

I think I may use that photo FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!! Then, I will always be 29 (hahaha). Maybe we'll have to do another photo shoot sometime.....hhhmmmmmmm.

KellyCreates said...

I'll see you in class in Edmonton, Allison! Hope I'm the teacher's pet :)