Crop for Mexico & Final CHA picks and Giveaway!

Before I pick up again with the final CHA reveal, I have a most exciting invitation for YOU!!!

If you would like to be part of something truly important AND have tons of creative fun at the same time, I'd love to have you attend our Crop For Mexico event!!!!

We have 2 super fun things going on April 2 here in Calgary...  

1. A crop event where 100% of your cost goes towards building homes in Mexico for needy families!  We have special guest instructors and you get to choose a class from one of them as part of your registration (see link for more info and class photos) PLUS you get lunch, supper and tons of goodies!!!!

2.  A "Garage Sale" of new and gently used craft items where 100% is again donated to our Mexico homes!!!  You do NOT need to attend the crop to come SHOP at the Garage Sale!!!

Registration for Crop For Mexico opens TODAY!!!

Now back to some eye candy from CHA!!!

One of my all-time fav companies is Basic Grey and Christy Riopel showed you a peek at some of their fantastic new lines, but here is what caught my eye!!!  Ribbon Doilies!!!!
And still in partnership with Basic Grey... Core'dinations has sandable cardstock that coordinates with Basic Grey!!!!!!!!!!  Just check out their scrumptious patterns and colours!!!!

And YEAH for Canadian companies like MyStamp Box!!!!  Here is a fantastic new set of stamps that has HUGE potential!!!  If you want to see some layouts, check out my good friend Jill Hildebrand's amazing work as she designs for MyStamp Box!!!

Now this got my attention!!  I'm not actually familiar with the Vintage Street Market company, but I'm in love with this Tinted Tape product and it's potential!!!

Looks like you can add a fun edge to your papers and of course I'm thinking of photos!!!!!!!  It comes in a variety of styles like the "soot" one above and the "aged" one below.  Definitely going to be checking out this company!!!!

And I'm always on the look out for new tools and this one from We R Memory Keepers caught my eye as it can help me "sew" or at least look like I've sewn on my layouts with ease!!!  Hence the name "SewEasy"...

And not sure if this is a new release or just newer to me, but I got to see this Distressing tool by Zutter called the "Distrezz-it-all" in action a couple weekends ago at a retreat I was at and the local store sold out of them once we saw it work!!!!  I distressed an entire layout with a ton of assorted pieces in a matter of minutes!!!  It was a beautiful thing :)

Okay... I know there is so much more, but this will do it for our recap for this Winter CHA 2011 event!!!  I must say I missed seeing all the goodies up close and personal and really missed catching up with some of my friends in the industry (and our Crazy Canuck dinner we always do), but I've been busy with some pretty important "LIFE" stuff so I don't regret my decision for a moment!!!

Final question you can enter to win (remember that we will pick a winner on Monday... VALENTINE'S DAY between all entries from all days on my blog below and on Christy's blog!)

If money were no object, what "creative experience", event, tool, product, etc. would you splurge on?


Insomnia said...

I always look forward to your latest blogs.
Your new adventure to Mexico is an incredible experience, one I've had an honour of also experiencing myself... I 'really' look forward to you blogs then!

If I can drum up a friend or two I believe we will participate in the crop for Mexico!

And in answer to your question.. if money were no object... well it would be to attend a crop and cruise... hands down, no thinking about it. Tools can be borrowed or found at garage sales (where proceeds help a good cause).. but experiences cannot.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Allison for keeping us all informed as to the new products that will available soon. It's good to know what I need to save my money for - lol!

If money (and commitments) were no object, I would love to attend one of your Crop and Cruises. They sound like great fun and a great group of people.

Sandy Ang said...

Your crop for mexico sounds like such a generous thing to do for people who need our help. My fantasy would be a chance to visit CHA in person.

Diana said...

oh I wish I lived closer to Calgary to attend the Crop for Mexico!

But if money was no object, I would host a retreat for my scrappy friends by renting a luxury hotel in the mountains for three or four days. And we can't forget the spa day either!

Heather said...

If money were no object, I would design and have built the perfect scrap room!

jill said...

First of all.....all you wish to attend a Crop and Cruise.....YOU SHOULD!!!!! It's amazing and you will NEVER regret it.
As for me.....if $$ was no object.....I would fly to Calgary every week to scrap (and shop) with Al.

Anonymous said...

hmmm....if money was no object I would like to splurge on a week long get away to a remote cabin in the woods by a lake with all my scrappy friends to scrap! Of course we would need spa services, awesome meals, chick flicks and chocolate as well. Also I would love to splurge on my craft room - re-deisgn and re-decorate! Stacey (

Melissa Haavind said...

I would have to say if money was no object....I would love to attend a crop and cruise! Also I would love to check out CHA in person!

Betty said...

Wow!If money was not an object..I would love so much to attend a CHA in person.So I could touch & feel all the new bling.

Anonymous said...

I would have to pick the Ali Edwards trip to Tuscany in October this year.

Allison M.

Susie Rochow said...

Definitely go on the cruise!!!!

Lee-Anne said...

I would have a dream scraproom with lots of custom cabinets and windows and a skylight.

Anonymous said...

If money were no object,(and it always is!!)I would buy a cricket and all the little cartridges to go with it!! What fun would I have!!


The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

Hmmmm.... just one?? I'd like to do a bunch of little things. Buy a whole line that I love even though I know i won't use it. Go on a crafty cruise. Maybe fly to one of the bigger events that look like so much fun???? I don't know!

Michelle Gotoh Bertuzzi said...

Awesome idea for helping people in Mexico build houses. I might pop by on the 2nd for that craft sale!