My Exciting News!!!!!!!!

I have a TON of exciting news that I'm going to share!!!  I'll just pick the top ones for today though :)

Exciting News #1:

Okay... it's all finally official and I'm more excited about this than almost anything :)  

My entire family is heading to MEXICO!!!!!!  Not for my next Crop and Cruise or hot tropical scrapbooking event, not for a family vacation, but to work on this...
Hero Holiday is a non-profit organization that facilitates groups who wish to come to a high needs area of Mexico to build new homes for needy families... and my entire family is going along with many other families and individuals to build 2 or 3 homes!!!!!!!

Now having just built a beautiful new home here in Canada, I have to admit it will not begin to compare (honestly still sorting through that whole process in my heart... but that's another day)... it will be similar to the one shown above.  But as you can see, it is a "mansion" compared to the old one beside it made of cardboard and cloth.

The mission is to work together like this (above) to change our world bit by bit and put a smile on the face of a child and family in need... like this (below)...

I have tears even as I'm typing this (big surprise!!!) as I anticipate not only the change in the Mexican families lives, but in the lives of my own family and the others we are traveling with!!!  To say I'm stoked is putting it mildly :)   

Sometime soon I will share how this trip fits into other things that have been happening in my life (yeah!!!!), but meanwhile, you can "keep watch" with the details on our Grace Baptist Mexico trip blog and there you can find ways you can be involved!!!!!!

Exciting News #2

In my constant quest for an authentic life doing what God created me to do... I'm taking an online course called "Soul Restoration" put on my Melody Ross and her sister Kathy!!  Actually, there is a large group from Calgary doing this all together as well as women across Canada (we have our own group on the website!!!).  TODAY is the last day to register, so I know it's last minute, but I invite you to join us on this adventure!!!  They promise it will be life changing!!!!

Exciting News #3

Book the weekend NOW for our next annual Scrapbook Your Heart Alberta wide weekend retreat taking place May 13-15, 2011 at Camp Caroline in Caroline, Alberta!!!  We are still working out some of the session topics and themes, but know that this year is going to be AMAZING!!!!

Just remember that this is NOT a crop weekend, but rather a ladies getaway retreat with sessions, projects (supplies provided), optional classes and the opportunity to learn, grow, create, play, laugh, cry, hot tub, hike, take pictures, make friends and dig a little deeper into matters of the heart.

Space is limited and registration will open beginning of February... first for "repeat attenders" and then for "newcomers" until full.

OKAY!!!!  That's enough exiting news for one day!!!!  Know that I'm anxious to share real soon lots of other life things that are going on including my new journey of discovery this year (NOT a new year's resolution, but something that has been percolating for months now... timing just appears to be with New Years :)  

I hope many of you join me on all of the above and more through this year!!!!  A journey walked together is much better than alone!!!!


Jennifer Reynard said...

Wow, just popped on to check your blog and was so happy to see that
you are able to participate in building a home in Mexico. They so desperately need help, and how wonderful of you and your whole family to take part. It will be life-changing!
Have fun with the Brave Girls sessions!
Super excited about Scrapbook Your Heart and have been spreading the word to some ladies who have never been before, but are wanting to go!

Lydia said...

Allison, you are amazing!! To take on so much and stiff give give give!! I think that trip to Mexico is a wonderful way to share the giving spirit with your children and both of the get away look to be equally theraputic to the soul!! Enjoy the journey!!

Pearl Maple said...

So much exciting news, congrats on everything and good luck.
Registered for the soul workshop and can't wait till it starts.