Happy Anniversary - TWICE!!!

I have TWO very special anniversaries to blog about today!!!  First... 

is celebrating 5 fabulous years of publishing with a special collector’s edition of the Winter 2010/11 issue, available to individual subscribers*!  Don’t miss your chance to automatically receive the 5th  Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Canadian Scrapbooker’s WINTER 2010/11 issue! 
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And the second anniversary is for 

18 years married to Brad!!!!

  Lindsey took this fun photo of us while at Thanksgiving dinner with my family this weekend!!!  This really is my favourite weekend of the whole year... I LOVE THANKSGIVING as we pretty much dedicate the entire weekend to family, friends, food, fun and remembering all the ways God has blessed us :)
 And 18 years ago it was also my favourite weekend too... seems weird to think about... seems like a lifetime ago and yet it seems like yesterday!!  Man I used to have good hair!!!! LOL!!!!  And I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!!!! 

So happy anniversary to me and Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!!!!!!


Shannon said...

I'd read on facebook that it was your anniversary on Sunday and forgot to tell you at dinner! So happy belated anniversary to you and Brad. Ian and I celebrated on Sept 29, 3 years .....

jill said...

love you both (you & the magazine).....brad will have to get in line. Congratulations you two.