Parent's 50th wedding anniversary!

From organizing one major event to the next!!! I am finalizing the details for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary this weekend! Isn't this a super great photo from their wedding day?!!!

What I especially love is that it was hand-painted by my grandma... some of you know that this is a special connection I have with my grandma with my own hand-painting of photos... and we didn't even know each other did this until just before she passed away! She was shocked to learn that I did that with my photography business and I was shocked to learn that is how she put food on the table during the dirty 30s!! So very cool that we both shared this very rare art form!!

Anyways, I'm so proud of my parent's making it to this milestone in a day and age where this just doesn't happen much anymore. I know that their committment to each other is what has carried them through to see this day and I pray that I may follow in their footsteps with Brad by my side for years to come!!

So here's a cute shot of them now... I think they look fantastic as a couple and look extra young for celebrating 50 years of marriage!!!

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