Team spirit and indoor sports photo tips!

So... they didn't win any medals, but Justin's team maintained a great team spirit winning their last game 14 to 3 with Justin scoring a hat-trick for moi!!!

Taking photos in any indoor facility is PAINFUL, but we must still do it for the sake of the memories!! To capture this victory shot of the team carrying the goalie, I was very far away in the stands, shooting through a netting with terrible lighting!! Here's what I did to get this shot:

  • I set my camera on the highest number ISO (1600),
  • used "sports" mode
  • got as close as I could to the netting so it would blur out
  • used my longest zoom (200 mm)
  • focussed on the kids vs. the netting
  • held as steady as I could while depressing the shutter
  • adjusted colour, sharpening and contrast in Photoshop

So... it's not perfect, has a lot of "noise" or grain, but we can clearly see the fun and emotion of the moment and for this type of photo, that's what counts! Thank goodness outdoor season starts soon though!!

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