Happy Easter

So... I've done typical Easter layouts of bunnies, chocolates and family gatherings, but a couple years back wanted to do one that portrays why we even get to celebrate this holiday... many times I think we forget... or some may not even know... or know, but don't understand.

I believe that Jesus dying on a cross was the ultimate act of AMAZING LOVE... and we call it "Good" Friday because we know that He did it ALL for us and then rose again 3 days later!


josafeen said...

Hello Allison! I hope you had a blessed easter! I saw the photos that you took at the canada crop for kids, and was wondering, could i get a hi res copy of the one of sal and i?that would be super cool, lol
take care hon,
josie (iron orchid designs for prima)

Wildärtan said...

Well, I thought that you're a christian, and now i know:-) I've just watched the tv-sessions, just got my first glimmer mist and want to know how I can use it. Are you a "Faith sister"?

Bless you sister!