You had me at ALOHA!!!!

WOW!!!  The days on the calendar have been FLYING BY!!!  Between a new school year (and new school), and having teenagers involved in new volleyball and soccer seasons, I have been very busy behind the scenes getting ready for our Crop and Cruise event in Hawaii!!!!

I can't believe that after 18 months of planning, it's finally here!!!  I remember creating this on the beach in Kelowna with my family and it seemed so very distant and suddenly we leave this week!!!!

There are sooooooo many things I am excited about (I even teared up this week thinking about it all... shocker I know!!!)...

  • Brad and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii... that was 20 years ago this Fall... this will be our first time returning... I kinda like that extra meaning behind it :)  I even contemplated bringing along my wedding dress to do a fun "20 years later" anniversary photo shoot, but I don't think I can fit it in!!
  • I just can't wait to hang out with two of the most talented, fun, crazy great friends and soul sisters who happen to be featured instructors with me (Christy Riopel and Jill Hildebrand)!!!

  • And I am just so very excited to reunite with so many crafty friends and make new ones that I just know will be lifelong friends... truly my favourite part!!!

  • And I will be in my happy place taking thousands of photos and replicating ones like this Hula Girl in the sunset... and teaching everyone there how to do it!!!

  • And last, but definitely not least, I am so very are so thankful so these AMAZING sponsors for sponsoring this ultimate adventure... Crop and Cruise HAWAII!!!

Click on the logos to visit their websites!!!


And a special thank you to our other generous sponsors:

Yup... all this adds up to...

You had me at Aloha!!!!!!

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